Freebies for Christmas and Hanukkah!

Over the years, I have produced a dozen or so freebies for Christmas and Hanukkah. Of those, these six are my favorites.

Summarize It! Task Cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa

I made this set of task cards as my holiday gift to all of you who read Minds in Bloom and frequent TpT. You can read more about the set here. One reason I really like them is that they represent all three holidays and teach a bit about each one. I chose to make summary cards because summarizing is such a difficult skill to master, so I thought some extra practice would be a good thing.

Hanukkah Wordsearch & Vocabulary

I am not usually a big fan of word searches (because I feel they are low on teaching value for the time they take to complete), but what I think redeems this one is that it begins with a matching activity to help your students learn more about Hanukkah. It would be a good activity to do once your students have already learned about the holiday.

Christmas and Hanukkah Tic-Tac-Toe Journal Prompts

I love Tic-Tac-Toe choice grids because, if done correctly, they can really challenge students while still allowing them some say in the activity they complete. You could use these ones each for a week, allowing students to choose three of the prompts (in a row, of course) to write on. They would also make great homework assignments.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are always a hit with kids. Try a few – your class will beg for more! I like to use them whenever we have a few spare moments, but they also make great writing prompts. Another fun thing to do is to send them home with students to share with their families during the holiday break.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Word Problems

I originally wrote these 12 challenging word problems for a class of gifted third graders. They were so popular that I used them every year after. Students love the humorous problems and enjoy the final bonus challenge. Answer key is included, of course.

Elf Hunt!

This one is for the little guys, and it is so much fun! Just cut out the elves and hide them around your classroom. Students record where they find the elves on the included answer sheet. There is also a more basic answer sheet for younger students that does not require writing. This would make a good introduction to prepositions.

Find these freebies and more in our Christmas & Hanukkah freebie mall! Have a wonderful holiday season, and good luck with these last few weeks!

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