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Halloween Activities for Elementary Students

If you’re looking for Halloween activities, we have lots of ideas for you.  This post is a collection of our most popular October ideas and freebies. You can click the link to check out each post and grab up any of the free materials that go with the post. Any of these activities will bring a little holiday fun to the season!

Writing Prompts! Writing Halloween Activities

It’s that spooky time of year again! Your students will love writing (or discussing) these 20 FREE Halloween writing prompts while staying in the holiday spirit! 

These spook-tacular Writing Prompts (print or digital) will keep your kids engaged instead of daydreaming about candy! A prompt randomizer is also included!

Ghost Zeros Exist- In Decimals That Is! MATH Halloween Activity

Every fall, as the air gets crisp and the days grow shorter, a nightmare befalls teachers across the country.  Every teacher knows how difficult it is for students to understand that adding zeros as place holders for the tenths, hundredths, or thousandths place doesn’t change the value at all.  But often times, doing so makes the numbers easier to work with!

Learning when to add ghost zeros and how many ghost zeros to add is an important skill for students as they begin adding and subtracting decimals. 

This post will give you plenty of spook-tacular tips for teaching this and a free practice and craftivity is also included!

Halloween Would You Rather Questions

You can have Halloween fun in your classroom while still learning with these 20 Would You Rather Halloween themed questions! 

This ELA Halloween Activity has 20 questions that are available in print and digital! The digital version is sure to engage your students with a secret flashlight to reveal the Would You Rather message! 

This activity is perfect to keep your students thinking when their minds are sure to be focused of Halloween!

Halloween Books to Read Aloud

My favorite memory as a student AND my favorite thing to do now as a teacher is to gather my students to the carpet and instantly be transported somewhere else with a read aloud!

The only thing more exciting than a traditional read aloud, is a holiday themed one to get your class excited for the upcoming festivity.

We asked teachers to tell us what their favorite Halloween read aloud is, and we’ve compiled a list for you in this blog post! Each book is linked with a quick summary about why your students will love it!

A Scary Story Your Kids Will Love to Hear

This Halloween activity never ceases to engage students!

This is Rachel’s favorite story to tell students on Halloween! We’ve linked the bare bones version in this post, but be sure to add details that will make it seem like it happened to you! If you tell the story in first person, your students are sure to be on the edge of their seats eager to know what will happen next!

We know your students are too-cute-to-spook, but they will have a blast during this Halloween themed story time!

Help! Tips for Surviving the Day After Halloween!

I bet you can picture it now. It’s November 1st, and you are staring at a classroom full of students who stayed up past their bedtime and ate way too much sugar the night before! 

This is probably not the best day to give a big test or teach a new concept, but this post is all about tips (not tricks) for keeping your students engaged November 1st!

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