Kindness in the Classroom: Inauguration Day and Beyond

You’ve probably heard that old joke about parents who are shocked to hear their normally well-behaved child swearing up a blue streak. When they inquire as to where the child has learned such colorful language, the answer is, of course, “From you.”

With Inauguration Day upon us, it's more important than ever to teach kindness in the classroom. Hundreds of teacher-sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers have come together to create forever free resources that teachers everywhere can find using two hashtags in the search bar on Teachers Pay Teachers: #kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths.
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Children are constantly watching and listening. They are constantly learning about the world they live in and how they should behave in that world. Sadly, in this time of national transition at Inauguration Day and the months leading to it, they have seen adults, often in positions of power, do many things that most of us would not want to see echoed in our children’s behavior – name calling, lying, bullying. Fortunately, we as teachers can make our classrooms safe zones where this kind of behavior is not tolerated. We can build classroom and school communities where students are kind to each other, where everyone feels accepted, no matter their gender, race, religion, or economic class. We can teach children to think critically so that they can discover for themselves what is true and what is not. And I believe that as teachers, we have a responsibility to do just that.

That is why I have joined with hundreds of other TpT sellers to offer free resources to teachers that reinforce values that many feel are threatened during this challenging time in our country’s history. You can find my free resources, along with many others, by using one of these two hashtags in the search bar on Teachers Pay Teachers: #kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths. You may want to narrow your search by using the grade levels or subjects on the left sidebar. My freebies are below, along with a link up of some other awesome freebies you may want to check out.

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