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Converting Customary Measurements with Models – Digital Activity

Tired of the struggle to make volume measurement conversions stick? Engage your 4th and 5th graders with our interactive Google Slides activity! Students drag unit models to visualize and master conversions effortlessly. With a handy instructional video, this digital resource turns confusion into clarity. Perfect for meeting Common Core standards and TEKS requirements. Say goodbye to tedious lessons and hello to hands-on learning success. Try it now and transform your classroom!

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18 slides + Instruction Video
PDF, Google Apps™


This Google Slides activity helps students learn to symbolize geometric figures including lines, line segments, points, rays, angles, triangles, and parallel & perpendicular lines. In the first section, students symbolize the figure. In the second section, students read the symbol and decide if it is present in the figure.

You can watch the student video here.

What’s Included?

  • Instructional Student Video
  • Reference Slides
  • Practice Slides
  • Answer Key

Check out the preview to see the activity in greater detail!

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