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End of Year Autograph Book Pages and Memory Book 5th Grade Activity 2024

Say goodbye to end-of-year chaos with our versatile memory activity, designed just for 5th graders! Perfect for both paper and digital formats, this engaging project keeps your students busy and excited as they reflect on their favorite memories. From creating colorful flipbooks to digital slideshows, your class will love this creative journey down memory lane. Plus, the bonus mini autograph book adds extra fun! Grab yours today and make those last days of school unforgettable!


10 pages + 6 Slides
PDF, Google Apps™


This is a great paper-based OR digital memory activity (with BONUS mini autograph book) to have your students work on during those last few days of school to help them remember all the amazing fifth grade memories!

For the paper-based version, students will create a flipbook with tabs that spell out FIFTH. On each page, there is a hashtag. Students will use the hashtag to describe a 5th grade memory. There is also a place to draw a small picture. Afterward, students will color, cut, and assemble their booklet!

For the digital version, you can assign the booklet in Google Slides. Students will type a 5th grade memory and can paste pictures they’ve taken with the device camera or pictures they’ve found online.

This is a great activity that students can keep forever as a fifth grade memento.

What’s included:

– Full-size paper tab booklet

– 1/2 sheet size paper tab booklet

– Digital tab booklet

– The date area is blank so you can use it for years to come!

– BONUS: 5th grade mini autograph booklet

Happily brought to you by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom.

SKU: 6855749


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