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Flipped Learning Area and Perimeter Teaching Videos, Activities, Quiz, and more

Struggling to keep your students engaged while teaching area and perimeter? Our 100% DIGITAL Learning Path is your solution! Packed with interactive videos, audio instructions, and practice activities, it makes self-paced learning a breeze. Boost your classroom’s efficiency and free up more time for personalized instruction. Test it today with our FREE Google Slides sample! [Watch the Video Preview Now]( and transform your teaching experience!


20+ pages, 30+ slides, 9 videos
Zip, Google Apps™, Internet Activities
Answer Key Included


TEACH ALL THE FRACTION SKILLS! This comprehensive bundle allows students to
learn about fractions,

practice their fraction skills, and

review previously taught skills when they need a little help.

Lotsa Fractions is designed to help both you and your students and is perfect for your 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. I

Watch this video to learn more!

What’s included:

  • 37 Fraction Skills. (see a list below)
  • 37 Video Lessons (1 for each skill)
  • 37 Practice Worksheets (can be used digitally or printed)
  • 37 Videos to help with the practice worksheets
  • 37 Printable anchor charts with QR codes to the video lessons
  • Answer Keys

Fraction Skills Included:

• What is a Fraction?

• Division in Disguise

• Representing Fractions

• Fractions on a Number Line

• Creating Fraction Number Lines

• Equivalent Fraction Bars

• Equivalent Fraction Multiples

• Creating Equivalent Fractions

• Fractions to Decimals

• Simplifying to Half

• Simplest Form

• Simple Ways to Simplify

• 3 Steps to Simplest Form

• Benchmark Fractions

• Comparing to a Half

• Comparing Fractions

• Cross Multiplication

• Ordering Fractions

• Comparing Fractions with Division

• Mixed Numbers

• Fractions Greater than One

• Mixed to Improper

• Improper to Mixed

• Working with Unit Fractions

• Decomposing Fractions

• Common Denominators

• Adding Fractions

• Subtracting Fractions

• Adding Mixed Numbers

• Subtracting Mixed Numbers

• Fractions x Whole Numbers

• Fractions x Fractions

• Unit Fractions ÷ Whole Numbers

• Fractions ÷ Fractions

How you can use this resource:

Flipped Classroom Model

• Learn via videos

• Accountability through worksheets

• Ongoing support through anchor charts

Supplemental Materials

• Teach your regular lesson

• Review the anchor chart with your students

• Hang the poster version with the video QR code

• Use the practice sheets as homework, warm-ups, or review

Helpful Review

• Share the resource with your students

• Guide and direct them to helpful slides when they need to backtrack or review previously taught skills

Self-Paced Learning

• Allow students to learn subsequent lessons when they are ready to do so.

Watch the information video to learn more!

Happily brought to you by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom.


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