10 Fun Writing Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun writing ideas? We’re excited to welcome back Julie Petersen to Minds in Bloom today! Julie’s written a great post for us about fun writing activities for kids, so please read on and comment with which activities you want to try with your students! What’s your style of teaching? Is it based on repetition? Yeah, that doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. Kids want

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Have you ever thought about how you can use matches to teach metaphors? What about using an ostrich egg to teach writing? Our guest blogger shares an insightful post about using the unexpected to teach the everyday, so click through to read her ideas in full.

Matches, Eggs, and Sidewalk Chalk: Using the Unexpected to Teach the Everyday

We’re delighted to welcome Rebecca Gettelman to Minds in Bloom today! Rebecca is sharing some really awesome ideas about using the unexpected to teach the everyday lessons, like grammar and writing. Read on to find out more! If you search through my teaching boxes, mixed in among the red pens and teacher’s manuals of the typical middle school teacher’s stash, you will find a box

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Novel Studies for the 21st Century Learner

We’re delighted to welcome our next guest blogger to Minds in Bloom! Shalyn is a teacher librarian who is sharing with us how to make novel studies more appropriate for 21st century skills and learning. Let’s go back in time and imagine that you are in your elementary/middle/high school classroom. The teacher announces that you are going to begin your literature circle rotation for the

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Poetry ideas

25 Great Ideas for Teaching Poetry

Teaching poetry has always been one of my favorite units! I especially love reading the amazing poems that students write. Whether you are starting a poetry unit or want to integrate poetry into your curriculum all year long, here are some ideas to make poetry fun and meaningful for your students. Before you begin a poetry unit, you may want to make sure your students are

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Favorite Christmas Books to Read Out Loud

Looking for some new books to read out loud to your students (or perhaps your own children)? You’ve come to the right corner of the blog-o-sphere. These books were all suggested by teachers from my Facebook page. Click on the title or the image to for more information on Amazon. NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Night Tree by Eve Bunting “A

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How do you boost student interest in a new novel? It can be challenging to do so, especially for students who dislike reading. Our guest bloggers share five excellent strategies for boosting student interest before starting a new novel. There are creative and engaging ways to spark high interest before reading!

5 Strategies to Boost Student Interest before Starting a New Novel

Today, Caitlin and Jessica from EB Academic Camps are sharing five strategies for boosting student interest before starting a new novel. Have you ever been so excited to start a new novel with your students – one you absolutely love and know they will, too – only to discover blank stares and a complete lack of interest? Frustrating, right? To combat this dilemma, we’ve tested

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Literary terms aren't the most fun topic, and there are a lot of them, so they can be hard to remember. These activities for teaching literary terms are fun, engaging, and authentic.

Activities for Teaching Literary Terms

We’re welcoming back Sharon, from Classroom in the Middle, to Minds in Bloom today. Sharon’s sharing her insight on how to make teaching literary terms effective and engaging. Does just the idea of teaching literary terms to another group of middle grade kids make you want to forget about lesson planning and curl up in front of a good movie instead? Teaching (or learning) any

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What does the research say about reading instruction? It says that systematic phonics instruction is necessary for building strong reading skills, and it needs to happen in grades K-6. Read more in this post about what you can do to contribute to strengthening reading skills in your students so that they become voracious and capable readers.

Don’t Build on a Shaky Foundation: Strengthening Reading Skills through Word Study

Minds in Bloom welcomes Jen and Wendy of Informed Literacy to the blog today! They’re sharing what I think will be a really helpful post that delves into foundational reading skills. Enjoy! As we embark upon a new school year, we invite you to think about the diverse reading profiles of your students. You will inevitably notice distinct types of readers as outlined below. Voracious

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These Common Core-based literacy pages cover high-interest themes and help students improve ELA and reading skills. Your students will enjoy the challenge of these pages while practicing key reading strategies for growth.

Grab Your I Heart Literacy Freebie!

I’d love for you to try I Heart Literacy, so I whipped up a 5-page freebie (plus answer keys) to make it super easy! I Heart Literacy is a fabulous way to supercharge your ELA and reading skills review! Not only will students be practicing important standards, they will also be learning about curriculum-based topics as each page has its own high-interest theme! Skills are Common

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We all know that preventing summer slide is extremely important. This guest post shares a wealth of ideas for fun ways that parents can incorporate learning into everyday activities during the summer months.

Preventing Summer Slide

We’ve got a return guest blogger for you today, so please welcome Mary from NewMathTeacher back to Minds in Bloom! She’s got a great post about preventing summer slide for you. Looking for ways to encourage summer learning? Help parents prevent summer slide, the tendency for children to lose achievement gains, by building curiosity and exploration into summer plans. To feel successful children need ongoing

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Spring ELA Task Cards

Teacher Appreciation Freebie!

Hey there! I hope you are having an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week! Whatever they are doing for you (and I hope it is a bunch), it isn’t enough. If you got the appreciation you deserved, you would be treated like rock stars and professional athletes. So, two things. First off, TpT is throwing its annual Teacher Appreciation Sale on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Of

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Are you looking for new read aloud books? Check out this list of top 10 read alouds for fourth grade! All of these books will engage your students in different ways and spark a lot of meaningful, impactful discussions.

Top 10 Read Alouds for Fourth Grade

Hi, I’m Lisa Robles from LisaTeachR’s Classroom.  I’ve been teaching 26 years (yikes!). I’m super excited to be blogging about this, because I am a book fanatic.  My favorite time in my class is read aloud time!  These are my top 10 favorite read alouds! Here are my top 10 read alouds for fourth grade: I like books that are multicultural and teach empathy–books that catch their

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