Why I Believe in Positive Classroom Management

Why I Believe in Positive Classroom Management

Hello, teachers! I’m Jeanne Sovet, and this is my first blog post ever! I’m new to social media but not new to teaching, having taught elementary school for the past 19 years. What I really want to share with my colleagues is how much I believe in, support, and want to spread the word about positive classroom management. The program we use in my school

Admit it: STEM challenges worry you, and you intentionally avoid them. There's no reason to do that! STEM challenges are an excellent learning tool for ALL students. This post details five reasons you might be avoiding them and lots of tips to help you overcome those reasons.

5 Reasons You Hate STEM Challenges

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Kerry Tracy! She’s addressing why many teachers (only think they) hate STEM challenges and how teachers can approach them differently in order to use them as a successful learning tool. You are probably reading this because you’ve watched that teacher down the hall doing STEM challenges. The kids are always talking about it, but it looks like a

how to help englsh language learners transition into the classroom

10 Tips to Help Your ELLs Transition into the Classroom

Hi, my name is Jill Richardson, and I have been teaching English Language Learners for about six years.  It is a joy and a privilege to help these students transition into the classroom, as well as to learn to read and write in English. Try these 10 tips to help your English Language Learners transition into your classroom: 1. Smile!  Remember that your students are

Peer mentoring can have huge benefits for students, including building confidence and community in the classroom. This guest blogger describes how she used peer mentoring in a math block to help her students both improve math skills and grow their confidence in math. Click through to read her post!

Implementing Peer Mentoring in a Math Block

We’re pleased to have Jenny from Foreman Fun guest blogging for us today! She’s got a great post for us about how you can implement peer mentoring in a math block to build both confidence and community. Enjoy! As teachers, we have all secretly wished we could clone ourselves so we could give each student the individual attention they need. While we wait for that

generating parent involvement

How to Generate Parent Involvement in the Classroom

We’re excited to welcome Kristin Jason to Minds in Bloom today! One of the biggest questions teachers ask is in reference to generating parent involvement in their classrooms. Kristin’s sharing several ideas on how to do this in her guest post, so read on and enjoy! Hello teachers! Although it still feels like summer outside, the school year is right around the corner! What are

Encouraging Kids to Write with “Write About” Ideas

Minds in Bloom is delighted to welcome Sandra, from Mrs. Naufal’s Nook, to the blog today! She’s sharing her tried-and-true tips for encouraging kids to write with “write about” ideas. Enjoy! As a teacher, I am thrilled to read a good book to a class.  I often look for books to which students can relate.  Many can be about real-life situations they have encountered, such as

ideas to make learning math easier for my students

6 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Math Instruction

We’re thrilled to have Marine Freibrun from Tales of a Very Busy Teacher guest blogging for us again today! Marine has crafted an excellent post all about six ways to add rigor to your math instruction, so be sure to bookmark this page to come back to later! 😉     Common Core Math Standards call for a new level of depth and complexity. Students

Boom Learning and Teachers Pay Teachers have agreed to allow Boom Cards to be sold on TpT! Boom Cards are digital interactive task cards that you can use in your classroom - save time on printing and laminating! Click through to get more information!

Digital Task Cards from Boom Learning Now on TpT!

I am so excited because Teachers Pay Teachers and Boom Learning℠  have both given us the green light to sell Boom Cards™ on TpT! What this means for you is that there is a good chance you already have access to several Boom Card sets! That is because I have bundled access to the Boom Card version, along with the printable task card version, for over

Helping children thrive in special education is of monumental importance, because those kids already have so many odds stacked against them. Our guest blogger shares a heart-breaking story of a girl who experienced failure until being placed in an appropriate special education classroom and shares insights on properly differentiating instruction.

Helping Children Thrive in Special Education

When we have students with special needs enter our classroom, we aren’t always sure what the best ways to help them might be. We’re pleased to have Kathleen from A+ Kids Bloggin’ talk about helping children thrive in special education in her guest blog post below. She shares an experience that she went through with a student who came into her classroom and tips for

Reading is one of the hardest subjects and hobbies to get kids to love. So, how do we prepare primary readers for middle school and carry on the good reading habits and mindsets that it seems so many K-6 teachers instill? Our guest blogger shares four tips that teachers in her schools use to create joy about reading and to prepare primary readers for their secondary schooling. Click through to read the tips and download a freebie!

4 Ways to Prepare Primary Readers for Middle School

Minds in Bloom is delighted to welcome Sara of Secondary Sara back to the blog today! Her post is all about getting those primary readers ready for middle school, so we know that you’ll find her tips useful and informative! Confession time: I teach middle school English, and if the fifth and sixth grade ELA teachers below me ever quit or retire, I’m in BIG

Making new years resolutions with kids can be a challenge. I provide guidance on how to do this in such a way that the child has control and accountability.

Making New Years Resolutions with Kids

Every New Years, I resolve to be perfect. It must not be a very good resolution because I usually fail pretty quickly. Some years it only takes a few minutes. Obviously, making your goals attainable is a big step in the right direction for both children and adults. Learning to set effective goals is an important skill for children to use, not only when they

Strategies to help students focus and pay attention while listening and learning

Brain-Based Doodle Notes for Education

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Brigid from Math Giraffe to the blog today! Brigid is sharing her insight on an up-and-coming trend in education: doodle notes! Do you have students who doodle in class? Have you ever assumed that they are not paying attention? You may be surprised to find out that the opposite might be true. As far as learning goes, these

Do you often feel like you're losing instructional time? These three easy steps will help you maximize instructional time to ensure that you're making the most of every moment and not losing precious time to teach essential content.

3 Easy Steps to Maximize Instructional Time

We’re welcome Nicole from Teacher of 20 back to Minds in Bloom today! She’s sharing three simple ways to maximize instructional time. We know you’ll find this information super helpful!     In my time in the classroom, I’ve seen teachers often spend so much time teaching routines and structures that they end up neglecting the content. In this blog entry, I’ll talk about how to

Do you spiral review? Show Your Thinking is a series of resources created based on Rachel Lynette's task cards, with her permission. These resources help you spiral review content so that you don't have to do a big review right before the big standardized test.

Digging Deep for Success with Show Your Thinking®

Minds in Bloom is excited to welcome Shea to the blog today! Shea has Rachel’s permission to create products based off of her task cards, and she’s sharing the success she’s had with one of those resources. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to have a mini-review session each week so that by the time the ELA standardized test rolls around, your students are ready? Two

Cooking in the classroom can be a fun and authentic way to deliver instruction. Cooking helps you reach language arts, math, science, and social studies--all the core subjects! Why not integrate cooking into your teaching toolkit now?

Integrate Cooking into Your Teaching Toolkit

Today’s guest blogger is Michelle from What’s Cooking with Kids. She’s prepared an excellent post that details the many ways you can incorporate cooking to your teaching toolkit and how you can make it interdisciplinary! As a teacher, you are busy.  Swamped, in fact.  You might even be so overwhelmed with content standards, district mandates, and department politics that you are reluctant to try a

Ideas for teaching academic language

5 Tips for Teaching Academic Language

Today, Marine from Tales from a Very Busy Teacher is our guest blogger. She’s sharing how she has successfully implemented strategies for teaching academic language in her classroom.   Academic language is (and has been) making a big impact in elementary school classrooms. Academic language gives students the skills to communicate, engage, and participate more effectively in content areas across the curriculum.   After learning about academic language through

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