Ideas to get students thinking in the classroom

Getting Started with Number Talks

Welcome Friends! Today’s guest post was contributed by Shametria Routt Banks, The Routty Math Teacher, and is about implementing number talks in the classroom. This post includes an overview of how and why number talks work, tips and strategies to get you started, as well as a variety of resources to use on your journey. Happy reading! NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying

differentiating literacy instruction using technology

Differentiating Literacy Instruction Using Technology

Hi!  My name is Jenny, and I am a reading specialist entering my 27th year of teaching.  I have spent a majority of those years helping students gain the skills and mindsets necessary to be confident and successful readers.  Two major components in teaching readers to be and feel successful are fostering reading engagement and knowing what your young readers need.  I have found a way to

how can I keep classroom field trips more organized

Field Trip Binder

Hi! I’m Melinda from Tales of the Sassy Teacher. Today,  I am super excited to come to you as a guest blogger on Rachel Lynette’s blog! As a fan this is such a great honor.   I want to share with you something that I have started doing in my classroom that has really helped me with my field trips. It is a Field Trip

Despite what you may think, it is simple for general educators to integrate social language into their classrooms. There are structured ways to do so so that all students get practice, not just those with impairments or disabilities.

Integrating Social Language Ideas in the Classroom

Please welcome Heidi, a Speech Language Pathologist, to Minds in Bloom today. She’s sharing an insightful post about how all teachers can integrate social language concepts into their classrooms for the benefit of all learners. As a lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I am often invited to IEP meetings in my large school district to help identify, develop, and support social language services for our

There are many different ways to go about increasing student engagement, and using interactive PowerPoints is just one of them--but it's a highly effective one! Our guest blogger shares her Teacher Set-Up Guide to helping you get started today.

Increasing Student Engagement with Interactive PowerPoints

Hi there! My name is Rachael from The Classroom Nook. I’m happy to be sharing with you today about how you can take (what could be) boring lessons and turn them into interactive and engaging activities for your students. The secret weapon? PowerPoint! I know – PowerPoint is nothing new, but you may learn a new way for how to maximize the potential of this

Looking for ways to unwind this summer? Check out this list of five summer bucket list ideas for teachers. Real teachers share their input on how they're relaxing, getting away for a while, and enjoying this summer!

Five Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teachers

Today’s Minds in Bloom guest blogger is Jewel Pastor. She knows just how ready you are for summer break, because she’s prepared a list of five summer bucket list ideas for teachers! Are you a teacher looking for summer bucket list ideas? Well, look no further. Whether you have the money to splurge or not, it doesn’t matter; you can certainly find ways to make

how can I use cognitively guided instruction in my classroom

How to Implement Cognitively Guided Instruction in Your Classroom

Please welcome Nicole from Teacher0f20 to Minds in Bloom today! Nicole is sharing her insight on implementing cognitively guided instruction in the classroom. I love talking about CGI, because it is something on which my district is big, and it is something that I think I’ve successfully implemented in my classroom! CGI stands for Cognitively Guided Instruction, and it is a way to teach math by

Many teachers have said it before, and our guest blogger is saying it again: It IS possible to integrate art into all curricular areas! Our guest shares her insight into doing just this and describes different activities and projects she's done over the years to integrate art into her teaching.

Integrating Art into All Curricular Areas

Hi,  I am Susan from Lopez Land Learners.  I want to share you with engaging and entertaining ways to integrate art into all of your curricular areas. If your school is anything like our school, we don’t have an art teacher, so any and all art projects come from me. Budgets, along with the demands and pressures on testing, have taken that scheduled time out

tips for teaching word problems in the classroom

9 Tips and Tricks for Teaching Word Problems

Hi! I’m Jo-Ellen from Love Believe Teach with Jo-Ellen Foody, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging for Rachel Lynette. Let’s talk about…word problems. I can start by telling you that I love teaching children how to solve word problems, but I won’t. Word problems are hard. Two-step word problems are even harder, and teaching how to solve them might be the most challenging skill

Every teacher has at least one student who participates in chronic book browsing--always looking but never reading! Here is an idea to end that cycle.

Put an End to Chronic Book Browsing

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Stephanie to the blog today. Please enjoy her post about helping kids find books they like in order to put an end to chronic book browsing!   As we all know, every precious minute counts in the classroom!  This is why I knew I needed to find a way to put an end to the professional book browsing

You can drill and drill about multiplication facts all you want, but your students still might struggle. Consider taking a step back to teach the multiplication concepts. This post gives suggestions for doing just that.

Introducing Multiplication Concepts

Please welcome Kara to Minds in Bloom today! She’s written a post all about introducing multiplication concepts, where she recommends helpful approaches and resources.     I landed a job teaching third grade right out of college. It seems like I spent the entire year reviewing multiplication facts. We drilled, drilled, and drilled some more. Although it looked like the majority of my students learned their multiplication facts,

A speech language pathologist (SLP) shares her insight into how language development progress improves critical thinking growth. She also shares tips for how teachers can identify when students need assistance with language development and what can be done to help those students.

Language Development Progress Equals Critical Thinking Growth

Today’s guest blogger is Amy, who is a school Speech-Language Pathologist. She’s sharing her experiences in helping a child’s language progress to boost her critical thinking ability. In my line of work as a public school SLP, it is my job to identify and serve children who have speech and language needs. I serve so many children who are missing the ability to think critically

Spring ELA Task Cards

Teacher Appreciation Freebie!

Hey there! I hope you are having an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week! Whatever they are doing for you (and I hope it is a bunch), it isn’t enough. If you got the appreciation you deserved, you would be treated like rock stars and professional athletes. So, two things. First off, TpT is throwing its annual Teacher Appreciation Sale on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Of

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