Have you ever heard of roadschooling? Learn about how families that travel more often than not can still homeschool their children while on the road!

Roadschooling through the Common Core

My name is Jen Schneider, and I’m from The Learning Wagon. I’m a public school teacher turned virtual school teacher turned roadschooling mama. Roadschooling is growing in popularity as families take their homeschool learning on the road. Roadschooling families travel the country and the world in varying ways. A few examples include backpacking on foot, bicycling, in a car, or in an RV (like us).

Ways to Make Interactive Notebooks Manageable

We’re welcoming Gay Miller to the blog today. She’s sharing her tips on making interactive notebooks more manageable, which she’s gleaned from many years of using them in her own instruction. She also includes pricing tips, so by the time you finish her post, you should be ready to run out and get started yourself! Hands-on teaching has always been my preferred style, so when

Although iPads can be an incredible learning tool with tons of classroom uses, they can also sometimes turn into a distraction. Despite some teachers' fears, our guest blogger shares five reasons to love the iPad in the classroom - and specifically, the iPad camera! Read her insights in this post!

5 Reasons to LOVE the iPad in the Classroom

We’re welcoming Julie from The Techie Teacher to the blog today. As an Instructional Technology educator, Julie firmly believes that teachers should embrace the technology that surrounds us today, like iPads. Read on to learn her five reasons for using the iPad in the classroom! Hey everyone! I’m Julie from The Techie Teacher, and I am so excited to be guest blogging for Rachel Lynette.

Math talk is a strategy to get students discussing and comprehending different math strategies to solve problems. This isn't something that can just be implemented right away; it takes time to build the right classroom environment to make math talk successful.

Getting Started with Effective Math Talk in the Classroom

Welcome friends! Today’s guest post was contributed by Shametria L. Routt, The Routty Math Teacher, and it is about implementing effective math talk in the classroom. This post includes tips and strategies to get you started, as well as a variety of resources to use on your journey. Happy reading! Using mathematical discussions in the classroom is a powerful way to increase our students’ critical

Students with special needs don't always get the instruction they need that suits all of their learning needs in the general education classroom. Our guest blogger shares 10 ways to use multi-sensory learning strategies to get students fully engaged in phonics. Click through to read her post!

10 Super Easy Ways to Get Students Fully Engaged in Phonics

Hi! I am Nikki Heiman from the Teachers Pay Teachers store Creative Inclusion. I am so excited for the opportunity to be a contributor for Rachel Lynnette. I have admired her work since long before becoming a TpT seller. In fact, my mom is also a teacher, and she has used Rachel’s work for a long time. So, imagine my excitement when I met her in

Getting to know your students' families is an important step at the beginning of each new school year. Some schools have "Back to School" or "Meet the Teacher" nights, and some schools require home visits. This guest blogger shares the system in her school, where teachers have "chats" with families to help them learn important information about their students.

Let’s Chat! Getting to Know Your Students’ Families

Hello, teacher friends!  I am SO excited and honored to be serving as a guest blogger for Minds in Bloom!  Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me to contribute to one of my all time favorite educational blogs!  My name is Brooke Brown from Teaching Outside the Box, and today I’m talking about getting to know your students’ families. Today, I’d like to share one of

Experts say that students lose up to 22% of knowledge over the summer. This makes reversing the summer slide more important than ever. Our guest blogger shares five rigorous ways to help reverse the summer slide, many of which requires the students to do the thinking and the work!

Reversing the Summer Slide

Minds in Bloom welcomes Lisa from Rigorous Resources by Lisa! She’s writing about some rigorous, essential tips that teachers must take when reversing the summer slide.   The National Summer Learning Association estimates that 22% of what is taught during the school year will be lost during the summer. That’s two months of learning, gone! Teachers are forced to spend a lot of time teaching the previous

This list of summer projects for teachers and their kids will help your family have lots of time doing fun activities this summer and bonding together.

Summer Projects for Teachers and Their Kids

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Sharon from Classroom in the Middle! Enjoy her post full of ideas for different projects that you can do with your kids during the summer months! One summer, a project of mine was to learn to make pizza dough from scratch. Another summer, it was to learn to use Photoshop. (Years later, that project is still in the

Every teacher has to take a day off sometimes, either expectedly or unexpectedly! Our guest blogger share four tips for writing emergency substitute plans in this guest post for when you have to take off unexpectedly. Click through to read more about sub plans!

4 Tips for Writing Emergency Substitute Plans

Hey, everyone! I’m Kelsey from Wife Teacher Mommy. I am so excited to be featured on Minds in Bloom! Rachel is such an inspiration to me, and I’m honored to write a guest post for her blog. Today, I’ll be sharing some tips for you about planning ahead for your next sub day. Teaching is a very rewarding career, but it is also very demanding.

As we see the arts leaving more and more schools, it's more important to connect the arts with academics. This guest post explores a variety of ways that you can do that for all major content areas.

How to Connect the Arts with Academics

Hi everyone! I’m Suzy from StudentSavvy! I would first like to give a big thank you to Rachel for allowing me to guest post on her fantastic blog! I am a huge fan of hers, and I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity! When I was a student in high school, I attended a charter school that was considered a “Performing and Fine Arts Academy.” Before I was accepted into this school (there

As the arts lose more and more of a hold in education, it becomes increasingly important for teachers to find way to integrate the arts into their curricula. Our guest blogger shares five simple ways to integrate the arts into any content area, so click through to read all of her suggestions.

5 Simple Ways to Integrate the Arts

Hi friends!  It’s me, Tammy, from Literacy Loves Company!  I’m so excited to share with you a few simple ideas to integrate the arts into your day-to-day curriculum!  Before we begin,  I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to Rachel Lynette for inviting me to guest post!  I’m truly honored.   I am a firm believer that the arts are a vital part

Personal financial literacy is a new standard more and more states are adopting. How can we prepare our students for the financial responsibilities they'll carry in their future lives?

Personal Financial Literacy for Elementary Students

I am thrilled to be a guest blogger! My name is Kara Hoelscher, and I am currently a second grade teacher at a small rural school in Texas. I have taught several grades throughout my 13 years of teaching, but my heart truly belongs in the second grade! Blogging is fairly new to me. You can find my teaching blog at Little School on the

Math workshop is an incredible educational tool, but it can be a bear to set up. Check out these five tips for setting up math workshop so that it's easier for you.

5 Tips for Setting Up Math Workshop

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Sara from Sara J Creations to the blog today! She’s sharing five tips for setting up math workshop, which can be a challenge on its own. Enjoy! Do you use math workshop in your classroom?  A few years ago, I was just venturing out into the world of math workshop after successfully using the workshop format for reading and writing. 

End of the Year School questions

End of the Year Task Cards – FREE!

End of the Year Student Reflection School’s almost out! Grab these Free End of the Year Task Cards to keep your kids thinking right to the end. These cards are a great way to reflect on the year. Each one features a different prompt for discussion or writing! There are 20 prompt cards, plus four bonus cards that go a little deeper and require students

Can your students write to explain their thinking in math? The Common Core State Standards put more pressure on students' ability to thoroughly explain their solutions, and this new math routine will help you teach them how to do that.

Write to Explain: Your New Favorite Math Routine

Hello everyone! I’m Laura Santos, from Core Inspiration by Laura Santos, and I’m honored to have this opportunity to reach out and share my favorite math routine with you.   One of the best (and most challenging) things about teaching math is guiding students in the creation of clear math models and helping them develop the ability to communicate the reasoning behind their solutions.   The widely-adopted Common Core Standards for Mathematical

When teaching factoring, finding the GCF is easy with the ladder method! This is a sure-fire way to help your students both quickly find the GCF when factoring and complete the factoring process quickly and correctly!

Using the Ladder Method in Math

Happy spring! I’m Ellie from Middle School Math Moments, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share my ideas with you!     I am always excited to learn something new, and I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few years about how the ladder method can help students with different math concepts (I didn’t learn this method when I was in

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