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Creating a joyful school staff is one of the most important things a principal can do. Read this veteran principal's tips on how to go about doing this.

Creating a Joyful School Staff

Please welcome Stephanie of Principal Principles.  Stephanie has written a timely piece for us to enjoy.  With staff morale so low at many schools, her ideas could be just the boost your school needs to make working there a joyous experience.  Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing with us! Appreciation and morale on a campus go hand-in-hand.  People starve for appreciation.  Being recognized and appreciated for

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Sowing the Seeds of Classroom Success: Creating a Caring Classroom

I am so excited, and also a bit nervous, because I (along with three other great teacher-bloggers) have been invited to present at one of Laura Candler’s awesome webinars! We are collaborating together to bring you a bevy of strategies, activities, and ideas for starting your year off right. The focus will be on the building community and team-building aspects of this special time of year. We

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Friends are so very important for both children and adults. Some kids may not yet have the social skills to know how to make friends on their own, so I created these friendship cards. The prompts will help your students learn and improve social skills to make and keep friends.

FREE Social Skills Friendship Cards!

Knowing how to make friends comes naturally to some children. However, others really struggle. These 24 friendship cards can help those struggling students to learn social skills that will help them to make and keep friends. Use them as discussion prompts in small groups or as writing prompts. Another idea is to combine the two by first having students answer the question on the card

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Every classroom has a rejected or neglected child--really, probably more than one. What can we, as educators, do for these children? How can we learn to recognize and support them? It's important to understand the social hierarchy of your class in order to truly build a positive and welcoming classroom environment.

The Rejected or Neglected Child in Your Class

Ideally, the classroom is a place where everyone is valued and accepted. In reality this is seldom the case. Some children seem to be socially gifted – they know how to work and play with others, and for the most part, they are popular and well liked. For other, less fortunate children, the social world of the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, the playground is

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Saying "thank you" can be more exciting and personalized than writing a simple note. Read this list for thank you note ideas that includes crafts, multi-media, and other creative ideas!

10 Fun and Creative Thank You Note Ideas

Writing thank you notes for holiday gifts doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are 10 creative thank you note ideas to help make writing thank yous fun! Make thank you notes into an art project: Get out the crayons, the glitter, and the glue. Have your child make a picture (ideally incorporating the gift), and then write a note underneath or on the back.

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Every teacher has had that class where the students just can't seem to be nice to each other. These seven tips will give you ideas for how to help children get along in your class. We hope you see an improvement in positive relationships and niceness after implementing them!

7 Ways to Help Children to Get Along

One year I had a particularly challenging group of third graders in terms of classroom culture. They just did not get along. They frequently treated each other unkindly. There were, of course, a few ring leaders, but it seemed like many of the other kids just kind of went along.   Here are some of the things my teaching partner and I did to try to make

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Compassion: The Third “C”

It has occurred to me that Compassionate Thinking could be added to Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking as subject areas for Minds in Bloom. Certainly, it is at least as important, as the other two. In fact, a person who possesses the latter two qualities in spades without the first, aside from being a world-class jerk, could also be quite dangerous. So in addition to

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