Did you know that you can use fairy tales to teach a fully interdisciplinary STEAM unit? Read our guest blogger's explanation of how she used fairy tales--and the castles within them--to teach a STEAM unit that had her students reading, writing, building, imagining, speaking, listening, and more!

Caution: Castles Under Construction–Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Today’s guest blogger is Jennifer from  Stories and Songs in Second, a second grade teacher who is passionate about integrating musical moments and quality children’s literature across her curriculum. Read on to find out how she blends important science, math, social studies, and art concepts into her ELA fairy tale lessons! I’ve always loved fairy tales, and I can’t wait to launch my unit every spring.  So

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Have you ever considered having a Market Day in your classroom? Check out how this pair of teachers facilitates Market Day in their classroom!

Market Day

Please welcome our guest bloggers for today, Deserae and Michelle of The Rigorous Owl! They’re a pair of teachers who have been doing something called Market Day in their classroom for a long time, and they want to walk you through setting up and facilitating your own Market Day for your students!   Want to provide your students with an amazing experience that they will

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Cooking in the classroom is a fun--but often messy--activity that you can do to integrate all content areas. Of course, reading is integrated, but you can also teach things such as the scientific method, measurement, and even the history of foods!

Cooking in the Classroom

Hi there! I’m Rachel Haltiwanger from The Cozy Learning Cottage, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to post on Minds in Bloom! I’ve spent my whole teaching career teaching elementary English learners either here in the US or abroad, and one of my favorite ways to integrate content, language skills, and collaborative learning is through cooking activities in the classroom. While these activities are

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If you don't know how to make slime, this post has you covered! Learn how to make slime with your students to up the science ante and have a lot of fun!

Sliming You with Science

Rebecca from Science Girl Lessons has brought us a super fun and hands-on post today: It’s all about slime! Even if you’re not a science teacher, I bet you’ll want to make slime and get your hands dirty with this one!   I am so excited to be guest blogging today about one of the most FUN science activities out there… SLIME. With all the

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Does your school district institute eLearning days when the district has to call a snow day? Lessen your students' missed days of learning with these blizzard bags! You can digitize them or send packet work with students. Click through to learn more about blizzard bags!

Reclaim the Snow Day with Blizzard Bags

Hello! I’m Danielle from TeachNouvelle, and I’m so excited to be here today on Minds in Bloom. I love Rachel’s dedication to creating rigorous resources for students, and I always keep rigor in mind when creating and teaching, too.   Today, I want to share what I’ve learned about Blizzard Bags. Even though some of us haven’t even said goodbye to summer yet, it’s not too

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Having students create their own totem poles is an authentic and fun way to have them demonstrate their understanding of a Native American unit! Our guest blogger shares 10 steps for doing a student-made totem pole in this blog post.

How to Create a Student-Made Totem Pole

My name is Michelle from Teaching Ideas for Those Who Love Teaching. I am grateful and truly honored to be guest blogging for Rachel Lynette.   Every year, when we study Native Americans, my second graders create a totem pole. They’re really easy to make, and here are the steps. 1. We create the totem poles after studying Native Americans of the Northwest Coast. Usually,

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When it gets to the end of the school year, we all know that kids' brains are pretty much fried, and they're not very interested in learning anything new. How can we combat that? Our guest blogger shares three end of year projects that are hands-on and creative. Click through to read more!

Awesome Hands-On End of Year Projects

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Juliette from Heart 2 Heart Teaching to the blog today! She’s got a fun post for us all about end of year projects that will engage students and keep them learning and exploring until the very end of the school year. Enjoy!   It’s here! The end of the school year is just around the corner! To make

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Are you trying to figure out how to make research enjoyable and maybe even fun (gasp!) for kids? Our guest blogger is a teacher-turned-librarian, and she's sharing six secrets to successful research with kids in this post. Click through to read more!

6 Secrets to Successful Research with Kids

Research, the very word, can draw shudders from teachers and audible sighs from students. If you are one of those shuddering educators dreading that next research project, then you are truly going about research all wrong. Take it from this elementary school librarian! I have been an elementary educator for twenty years and a certified library media specialist for the last seven years. I am

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Integrating art across the curriculum doesn't have to be hard! Our guest blogger shares a variety of ways that art can be integrated into all content areas. Click through to learn more about incorporating art into English language arts, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

Integrating Art Across the Curriculum

Minds in Bloom presents Renée Goularte, a former art-instructor, a working artist, and a writer, with her post on integrating art into your curriculum.   If you are a teacher, chances are you’ve said it: “We have no time for art.” Chances are equally good that you believe that art is important.  It is…and it’s worth making time for! Because you know what? Art education is important in and of

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Teaching in a dual language classroom can be challenging enough, but research projects add an extra level of challenge. Our guest blogger, who teaches in a 4th grade dual language classroom, describes every step of how she carried out a research project with her students. She had them reading in Spanish and writing in English, so she describes how she modeled what students were supposed to do and how she guided their learning throughout the project.

Reading Informational Text and Doing Research in the Dual Language Classroom

Please welcome Kelly of Learning in Two Languages.  Today she gives us a wonderful peek into how she teaches reading informational text and research in a dual language classroom.  Thanks for sharing, Kelly! Teaching children to effectively use comprehension skills to understand what they read is not an easy task. As teachers we know that we can spend months helping students tackle complex texts; however, I

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Teachers aren't the only ones who can create task cards! Empower your students to take charge of their learning by encouraging them to make task cards. Kid-created task cards are unique, powerful, and fun!

Kid-Created Task Cards!

Your students already love task cards, so why not have them create some of their own (if you don’t know what a task card is, click here)? This would be a great project to do in conjunction with a book your class is reading or for a science or social studies unit. There are many ways you could go about this. Here are some things

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