Are you teaching about reading genres this school year? If so, then you need to check out this post, which describes two genre resources that you can use to help you teach about the eight reading genres. Click through to this post to get all of the details!

Genre Resources

If you happen to be teaching literary genres this year, then I have two great resources that can really help. Use these genre task cards to

Make a Dreidel out of a CD!

So, maybe in the old days kids made dreidels out of clay (I think there’s a song about that…), but not only is that difficult

how to enhance observation skills in students

Observation Nature Walk

Here is a fun way for students (or campers, scouts, or whatever you have) to test their powers of observation while enjoying nature. A nature

20 Creative Questions for Kids

20 Creative Questions to Ask Kids

Grab a FREE digital journal for your students to record their answers! Creative Questions to Ask Kids Asking open-ended, engaging questions is a great way

End-of-year reflections and essays are great, but why don't you try making a class memory wall this year? It's a collaborative activity that the whole class can do, and you can take a photograph of it to send out in a final newsletter or post on your class website!

Make a Class Memory Wall

A class Memory Wall is essentially a way to work as a group to remember the highlights of the school year. While individual projects like

fun ways to teach math in the classroom

Math Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun math scavenger hunt to try with your students! How many zeroes are in one million? What is an object that is

Are you a parent looking for something to occupy your kids while they're home for winter break? This scavenger hunt will have them searching and playing!

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt How many letters are in your full name? Who has the longest name in your family? Find something that is eight inches

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