Close reading is an important part of every teacher's literacy instruction, but it can be enhanced even further with the use of QR codes! Our guest blogger describes how she has integrated the use of QR codes into her close reading instruction to further supplement and enhance her instruction.

Close Readings with QR Codes

Friends, I’m Monica Schroeder, and I am so excited to be writing this guest post for Minds in Bloom!  The amazing Rachel Lynette has allowed me

classroom library organization

Organizing Your Classroom Library

Please welcome Megan of Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade.  Today, she shares with us how she keeps her classroom library tidy and accessible to her students,

how to get students to dig deeper and understand texts when reading literature

Planning Close Reading

Hi friends! I’m absolutely thrilled to be a guest blogger here on Rachel’s site! Today I’d like to talk about close reading and share how

Where can you find quality informational texts?

Informational Text Resources

Please welcome Brian and Eric of Wise Guys!  Today they share with us how they are meeting informational text standards in their classrooms.  Thanks guys!

The Gateway Book

    Please welcome Caitlin of The Room Mom.  Today, she shares how she has guided her students to choose that one special book that leads

Teachers are always looking for reading strategies for comprehension, and our guest blogger shares four engaging strategies - along with freebies - here.

Reading Strategies for Comprehension

Please welcome Carla of Comprehension Connection.  Today, she shares some reading strategies that she has found work well in her classroom.  She has generously shared

Higher-level thinking is an important skill, no matter which model you employ in your classroom. This post outlines a variety of ways in which you can encourage your students to reach higher-level thinking and provides concrete examples based on Bloom's Taxonomy, the Wheel of Reasoning, and the Depth of Knowledge.

How to Encourage High-Level Thinking

Today we will be presented with fantastic ideas from Pam of Rockin Resources. She shares some effective techniques along with free samples from her Higher-Level

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