Are you a teacher who is looking for back to school resources? Minds in Bloom has a wealth of products, both paid and free, that will prepare you for your entire school year! Products cover classroom management, community building, math, reading, spelling, and more!

Back to School Resources

Just in case you are looking for some Back to School products, here are some great ones from my store (just click on the image to go to the product page): Beginning of the Week Activities and Management Tools for the Whole Year This is a mixed bundle of activities, forms, printables, and ideas that will help get your year off to a great start! Download it

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Informational text structures are not the most riveting topic to teach, but they are incredibly important for helping students' comprehension of informational text. Download these free informational text structures posters (and check out a link to a related task card set) from this blog post!

FREE Informational Text Structures Handout and Poster

Informational Text Structures can be tricky to teach, but they are important for understanding nonfiction text. Not only that, but they are also part of the Informational Text Common Core Standards for fourth and fifth grade: RI.4.5. Describe the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a text.   RI.5.5. Compare and contrast the overall structure (e.g., chronology,

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It may seem silly, but I think it's a great idea to incorporate some task card fun into your classroom with...sticky hands! These goofy tools can provide a way for kids to engage with task cards that's fun and calming for them. I explain how to use sticky games with task cards in this post, so click through to read about it!

Task Card Fun with Sticky Hands!

I know what you are thinking. Sticky hands, really? Seriously? Yes, it’s true! Those sticky hands on a rubbery string that kids adore can be a valuable learning tool. Here is how: In a small group, give each child a sticky hand. Lay some laminated task cards on the floor or on a table face down. Ideally, these should be ones that can be answered

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Have you thought of using a flip chute for your task cards? This is a super clever and fun way to use task cards that was shared on Classroom DIY. I'm sharing it on my blog, with permission, and I hope you'll take time to watch the video tutorial about how to make one, because your students will love it!

Flip Chute for Task Cards!

I saw this idea on Classroom DIY and thought it was so clever that I wanted to pass it along. When a kid puts a card in at the top, it flips over inside and comes out the bottom upside-down, revealing the answer. So, if you wanted to use this with task cards at a center, you could just write the answer on the back.

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Totally Task Cards Giveaway

This Giveaway closed on April 18. Congratulations to these 60 Winners! Winners were contacted by email and each given the prize of one set of Questioning Task Cards. I know there were only supposed to be 25 winners, but so many people entered that I increased the number of winners to 60. Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. I really appreciate you visiting Totally Task

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Reading Comprehension Posters Free

FREE: 8 Reading Response Posters!

Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters You Need! Use these bright and colorful, free reading response posters for centers or classroom decor. Match them perfectly with our reading strategies bundle with multiple resources that will build the foundation of your students’ reading comprehension! Posters Included: Predicting Inference Questioning Connecting Visualizing Author’s Purpose Compare & Contrast Summarizing Predicting Making predictions in a story helps students combine their knowledge of a text,

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Task cards or flashcards can also be used with games with great success. These three free game boards incorporate task cards to have students learning and having fun while they do so! Click through to learn about each game board and to download them FREE!

3 Free Game Boards!

Lately, several teachers have asked for ideas for different ways to use task cards. I am working on a project to address that question more fully, but in the meantime I created these three game boards that you can use for reinforcing skills in almost any subject. Each game includes student instructions, along with the game board. Just glue them into file folders, add task

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These free measurement task cards will help your student practice a variety of essential mathematics skills, as well as practice the skill of measurement. Plus, since they're task cards, you can use them in centers, as a review game, as partner work, and more!

FREE Measurement Task Cards!

I started off making a set of free task cards for upper elementary, but then I decided that the younger set should have some, too, so now there is something for almost everyone! Not only that, but both of these sets are also correlated with Common Core Standards. Measurement Task Cards for Grades 2-3 To complete these cards, your students will be measuring things around

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Task cards are an amazing instructional tool, and they're extremely versatile. I love hearing how teachers use task cards in their classrooms, so I'm sharing two fun ways recently shared with me. Check them our to get inspiration for using task cards in your classroom!

Two Fun Ways to Use Task Cards

There are so many ways to use task cards: I have heard from teachers who use them in partners, with the whole class, and, of course, at centers. Here are pictures from two teachers who have graciously shared how they use task cards with their students.   NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.     Randy Seldomridge teaches in Granite Falls, NC.

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Celebrate Presidents Day with this set of 20 Presidents Task Cards! There's a piece of trivia on each task card, along with a question, about some of the U.S. presidents. Your students will enjoy learning a little history and learning more about our nation's presidents with this task card set - plus, it's FREE!

FREE Presidents’ Day Task Cards!

This set of Presidents’ Day task cards is a great way for your students to learn some fun facts about the presidents while practicing their higher-level thinking skills. Each of the 20 cards includes a piece of presidential trivia, along with a creative or critical thinking challenge. These would work well at a center. Another idea is to choose one each day for your students

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Get 20 free back to school writing prompts in this post! If that isn't enough, you can check out a bundle of 200 writing prompts and discussion starters!

20 Back to School Writing Prompts

Want to go beyond the classic “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” essay? Try some of these engaging writing prompts.   Who is someone you spent a lot of time with this summer? Describe this person. Where did you go this summer that you have never been before? How did you spend Independence Day? Where did you spend most of your time this summer? Describe

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Questions are probably a commonly used tool for critical thinking, but there are lots of different ways to use them that can really drive creative and critical thinking. Check out these six ways to use questions that you might not have explored.

6 Creative Ways to Use Questions

Whether they are about a specific area of study or just for fun, questions are a terrific way to get kids thinking critically and creatively. You probably already use questioning as part of your teaching – the Socratic Method. You probably also use them to generate discussions and as journal prompts. Here are a few other creative ways to use questions. At the Start of

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Are you looking for no prep teaching materials? Rachel Lynette's Teachers Pay Teachers store has you covered! Click through for task cards and more!

No Prep Teaching Materials

I sell teaching materials that I have created on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you don’t know this site, you owe it to yourself to check it out. There are literally tens of thousands of teacher-created resources there, and many of them are offered for free! My products are all highly rated and very reasonably priced. You can see (and click on) my most recent products

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