Mrs. B from Mrs. B's First Grade shares her top five steps on implementing a class Twitter account in this post. She lays how to create a class Twitter account, how you can use it, and more!

5 Steps to Implement a Class Twitter Account

We all use a variety of social media outlets daily. Have you ever thought about using them in your classroom, though? My name is Sarah from Mrs B’s First Grade, and I am excited to be guest blogging today to give you five steps to successfully implement a class Twitter account! Setting up and using a class Twitter account can seem like a daunting task;

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Do you use a class blog? Although blogs can be a fair amount of work to set up and personalize, they're an incredibly easy way to keep parents in the loop about what's going on in the classroom! Click through to read our guest blogger's five reasons why uses a class blog.

5 Reasons I Use a Class Blog to Keep Families Involved

Hi there! I’m Haley from Miss L’s Busy Bees, and I’m just bursting with excitement to share with you how my class blog is such an asset in my classroom in keeping families involved.   I’ve had coworkers ask me, “But how do you keep up with a classroom blog? Isn’t the weekly parent email the same thing?” While parent emails are great, when implementing

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Interested in trying a flipped classroom? This Minds in Bloom guest blogger shares five tips for flipping the elementary classroom in a way that supports learning and community.

5 Tips for Flipping the Elementary Classroom

Sally from Teaching Redefined is sharing her top five tips for turning your elementary classroom into a flipped one! She loves having a flipped classroom and wants to help other teachers in flipping the elementary classroom.   A “flipped classroom” has become another trendy phrase in the education world. What does it actually mean? A flipped classroom means that students get their instruction in the form

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Although iPads can be an incredible learning tool with tons of classroom uses, they can also sometimes turn into a distraction. Despite some teachers' fears, our guest blogger shares five reasons to love the iPad in the classroom - and specifically, the iPad camera! Read her insights in this post!

5 Reasons to LOVE the iPad in the Classroom

We’re welcoming Julie from The Techie Teacher to the blog today. As an Instructional Technology educator, Julie firmly believes that teachers should embrace the technology that surrounds us today, like iPads. Read on to learn her five reasons for using the iPad in the classroom! Hey everyone! I’m Julie from The Techie Teacher, and I am so excited to be guest blogging for Rachel Lynette.

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Using Google Forms in Your Classroom

Hi! My name is Aris Rossi, and I’m the teacher blogger behind Sailing into Second! Today, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on Google Forms! If you’re still learning how to use Google Drive and all it’s Googley goodness, then check out this getting started post HERE.   Let’s dig into what a Google Form is and how you can use Google Forms in your classroom.

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Implementing a flipped classroom is a great way to not only increase student engagement but to also reach your students' needs and learning styles! This guest post describes how to implement a flipped classroom and shares the benefits of doing so. Click here to read more!

Implementing a Flipped Classroom

 Today’s post is from Amanda of The Primary Gal! She’s sharing her experience with implementing a flipped classroom.   In today’s world, our students are surrounded by technology.  More times than not, they are more familiar with an iPad than many adults.  Over the last few years, I have attempted to put my students’ interest in technology to use by implementing a flipped classroom model!

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Need technology tools to support reading and writing in your classroom? Our guest blogger shares her list of the best technology tools to do this. Check out the list and see if you're missing out on some great technology integration!

Best Technology Tools to Support Reading and Writing

My name is Lisa Robles, and I am so thankful to guest blog for Rachel Lynette. I had the good fortune of attending her sessions at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas, and she was awesome!   First, I’m going to get on my soapbox for a second.  Technology should never be a babysitter.  It should be a tool for creation!  Especially with the

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Do you need more rigorous spelling practice in your instruction? Our guest blogger shares her three best apps for spelling practice in this post. She explains how each app works and what she likes about it.

3 Best Apps for Spelling Practice

Hi!  My name is Amy, and I’m from 180 Days of Reading.  I am a Reading Specialist and former kindergarten teacher with a first grader at home. Some days I feel like I eat, sleep, and breathe spelling patterns.  I hit a wall at home with my first grader and spelling homework this year.  I was tired of the “write your words three times each”

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Paperless parent-teacher communication allows teachers to communicate directly with parents, using online tools, without running the risk of kids losing papers and other documents their parents need to read and sign. Plus, it just makes your processes in the classroom much simpler! Click through to read our guest bloggers three recommended tools.

3 Resources for Paperless Parent-Teacher Communication

Hi everyone! I’m Princess Netherly from Teaching, Love, Cupcakes, and I’m excited to be a guest blogger today!   Today, I’m going to give you a quick tutorial, with screen shots, of three resources I use for parent-teacher communication that will help keep you organized. If you’re like me, then the last thing you want is more paper to keep up with. I don’t know

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Close reading has become a widely popular instructional technique in classrooms all around the world, and apps often help make instruction easier and smoother. Therefore, we're confident that you'll love this guest post about five apps that support close reading - five apps to make your life easier and to support such a strong teaching method! Close reading has never been easier with the help of these apps.

5 Apps to Support Close Reading

I’m Erin from Technology Erin*tegration. I am excited to share my technology twist on close reading using iPads. Thanks for having me, Rachel!   Just as there are many models for close reading, there are a multitude of apps that will support your students in digging deeper into a text. I am sharing my five favorite free apps for annotating and note taking on the

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Making classroom videos can be an incredible way to build community in your classroom. Take learning to a new level by using these 10 tips to make a meaningful classroom video.

10 Tips to Make a Meaningful Classroom Video

Hi, Everyone! I’m Lessia from I am Bullyproof Music. Thanks so much to Rachel Lynette for inviting me back. Such an honor! Here’s hoping my tips inspire one and all.   Teachers frame ideas for students daily. Videography is a natural next step. By making lessons visual and personal, we can make them truly memorable. Biggest piece of advice: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on hearts and minds.  

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Decide Now is a cheap app that employs the use of a choice wheel, which you can use in several different ways in the classroom! What's even better is that the app stores all of your information so that you can use the same wheels later, including the next school year. Eliminate complaints about partners or new seats with the help of this app!

Decide Now: Great Classroom Technology

I’m Amber from SSSTeaching! I love finding new and innovative ways to use technology in my classroom. The Decide Now app was something I recently discovered that revolutionized how my classroom works. In essence, it is an extremely easy app to use based on a wheel of choices. You can input choices and name spinners, along with picking color options. It is very straightforward and

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Have you heard of Plickers? Plickers is a free app that's revolutionizing classrooms everywhere! Assess students, take votes, grade, and more all with the ease of this app. Read more in this guest post!

Plickers – A Fabulous App for the Classroom

Some apps are fun. Some apps are useful. And then there are apps that transform the way you teach. Over the years, I have found very few in the latter category.   Plickers is a transformative app. I would tell you to stop everything and download it now, but don’t worry, it will still be there when you finish reading. I even promise you a link.   …it only needs ONE smart device to

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Minds in Bloom had a wealth of great posts in 2014, but these 10 take the cake as the best posts of 2014. Click through to our Pinterest board to see all of the posts!

Minds in Bloom: Best Posts of 2014

Here is a little round up of the best Minds in Bloom Posts of 2014! Each of these posts has had over 10,000 page views, and many have gotten quite a few more than that! As you can see, most of them are guest posts, which is awesome! You will find a wealth of information here, and if you like something, then be sure to

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Have you considered using Padlet in your classroom as a way to integrate technology? Our guest blogger's post gives a tutorial on how to get started using Padlet, so click through to get all the details!

Integrating Technology in the Classroom Using Padlet

 Minds in Bloom is happy to present Brittany Washburn, a teacher-author and Science Specialist for grades 2-5 with her post on using Padlet. Enjoy!     Integrating technology in the elementary classroom has become expected, but it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. In my 4th grade science classes we recently used the technology tool “Padlet” to create posters about an assigned Earth material. This

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Close reading is an important part of every teacher's literacy instruction, but it can be enhanced even further with the use of QR codes! Our guest blogger describes how she has integrated the use of QR codes into her close reading instruction to further supplement and enhance her instruction.

Close Readings with QR Codes

Friends, I’m Monica Schroeder, and I am so excited to be writing this guest post for Minds in Bloom!  The amazing Rachel Lynette has allowed me to share my Close Readings with QR Codes! I am here to show you how my students have been using QR codes to practice their reading skills.  Now, please know that we have been practicing our close reads all year

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