Teachers always seem to be looking for new iPad apps to use in their classrooms. Our guest blogger shares several engaging iPad apps that you can check out and download, if you think they'll be a good fit in your classroom! Click through to read her post.

Engaging iPad Apps for the Classroom

Please welcome Katherine Fountain of Engaging a Creative Classroom.  She has shared an awesome list of iPad apps that engage students in an authentic learning experience.  Thanks for sharing with us today, Katherine! In the past few years, the number of iPads in classrooms has grown exponentially.  They are a relatively inexpensive way for schools to get technology into the hands of students.  There are

It's easy to integrate technology into your social studies class with the GeoGuessr geography game! This website allows your students to determine where in the world they are using the Street View capability with Google Maps. Teach your students how to look for clues in the Street View, and let them play!

Where in the World Are We? Lovin’ the GeoGuessr Geography Game!

Please welcome the talented Kristen of Aspire to Inspire!  Today she shares a fun and engaging way to get students excited about social studies.  Thanks for giving us so many great sites to go and explore, Kristen! I’m always on the lookout for engaging and authentic learning activities to encourage students’ interest in social studies and to help them understand its relevance in their lives. This

how to use QR codes in the classroom

Using QR Codes in Your Classroom: It’s Easier Than You Think!

This awesome guest post tells you exactly how to use QR codes, and there is a freebie, too! I have been using QR codes in my classroom for about a year now.  I know most schools don’t have tons of technology, and I am very fortunate to have iPads for my students to use.  But many schools are slowly transitioning to using iPads and/or allowing

Classroom Management: Using Class Dojo

Class Dojo – Awesome Classroom Management Tool

Hi, I’m Stacy from over at Funky Fresh Firsties, and I am so thrilled to have the chance to be a guest blogger while Rachel is away!  I wanted to do my post on a behavior management tool that I’ve used for two years now.  I have used Class Dojo in my 4th grade classroom, as well as this year in 1st grade.  The results in both settings have been AMAZING

Mathtopia is a math facts app that's available in the App Store. Teachers can purchase the app and then have their students play rigorous games for mastery!

Mathtopia – Best Math Facts App Ever!

For all you teachers (and parents) with iPads, I recently discovered a great app for reinforcing math facts. I am a big fan of making learning fun, and Mathtopia does just that. The game incorporates aspects of the popular arcade game Bejeweled, which not only makes it highly addictive (or as 9-year-old Claire says, “addictingly fun”), but it also adds a challenging element of logical thinking into

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