Valentine’s Day Homophones Story

Homophones are tricky little buggers, and this Valentine's Day story has over 50 of them! Can your students find all of them throughout the story?

There are over 50 homophone mistakes in this story. Can your students find them all?

Tony decided two make a Valentine’s pitcher four his mother. He got out a clean, white peace of paper. Than, he got out his crayons and started to color. He drew his hole family. Then, he maid a yellow son in the blew sky. When he was done, Tony rote, “Eye love Ewe!” on the back and signed his name.

Tony was on his weigh to give his pitcher to his mother when he saw a tiny ferry sitting on the window sill. The ferry was crying. “Why are ewe crying?” Tony asked.

“Eye am crying because it is Winter, and their are know flours for me to sleep in. Ewe sea, Eye am a flour ferry.”

“I due knot have any flours,” Tony replied. “But I could draw ewe a flour. Wood that help?”

The ferry stopped crying. “I think it mite,” she said.

Tony took the tiny ferry gently in his hand and carried her too his room. Then, he drew a pitcher of ate flours inn a vase. When he was done, the ferry magically turned the pitcher into reel flours! Tony could knot believe his eyes!

Tony put the vase of flours on his knight stand. The ferry maid herself a home in the biggest flour. Tony went two give his pitcher to his mother. She said it was a grate pitcher and gave Tony a big hug. The ferry stayed in Tony’s room all winter long, and the too became good friends.

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