Yes, You Can Use Task Cards for Distance Learning!

When you think of task cards, you probably think about centers, games, and other hands-on activities. You might not think you can use them with distance learning, but there are actually several ways to use task cards when teaching remotely.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you send home packets for students to work on at home, you could also send home task cards. Just be sure that students understand that you need them returned, like a library book. Laminating your task cards will make them easy to clean between students. Just give them a quick wipe down while binging on your favorite series. You can send them home in baggies, folders, or reinforced envelopes.

  • When teaching online, you can display cards one at a time for students to complete. Students can record their answers on response sheets or show multiple-choice responses with sign language.
Make task cards into google slides for distance learning
  • If you want to assign traditional print task cards in Google Classroom,you may be able to find some that have already been made into google slides or forms. You can find mine right here. I always add the digital version to the original product, so if you already own the set, you just need to download it again to get the digital access! But, for the sets you already own that are not yet digital, there is an easy way to get traditional task cards onto Google slides. Watch this short video to find out how!

YouTube video

  • TpT also has a new Digital Activities Tool that will work for some task card sets (unfortunately, it will not work for any sets that are part of a zip file at the time of this writing, but the feature is still in Beta and this will likely change in the future). The digital activities tool will allow you to add text boxes and use other digital tools directly on an existing PDF. What that means for task cards is that students would interact with a page of card (usually 4) on one screen. This video will show you how it works!
    YouTube video
  • And of course, don’t forget Boom Cards! Boom cards will work perfectly for Distance learning! Kids love them because they are gamafied, fun, and they get instant feedback. Teachers love them because they are easy to assign, self-grading, and effective

How have you been using task cards remotely? Please share your ideas with a comment. 

Stay safe!

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