3 Quick & Easy Steps to go from PDF to Doc to Read Aloud

Printed PDF ➜ Google Doc ➜ Read Aloud

Has anyone else found themselves in a situation where you’re wanting to use your print materials in your digital classroom?  I have a teacher tech hack that will make it super quick and easy to bridge the gap between paper and digital while providing your students with added support!

How to Convert PDF to Doc (with text reader!)

You can watch the video to see every step OR you can keep scrolling to read a brief summary for yourself. 

Before we move on, I wanted to remind you that copyright laws apply to the creator’s work.  Changing the format of the work does not change the laws for using the resource.  Be sure you respect the author’s terms of use, which usually includes not sharing the resource with non-licensees and not hosting the resource on unprotected sites. 

Steps for Converting Printed PDF to Google Doc to Readable Text

There are three parts for making this happen.  The first two steps will use your iphone, and the last step is completed on a computer. 

  1. Taking a “text” picture
  2. Pasting the text into a Google Doc
  3. Opening the text reader extension
Converting a PDF to a Readable Google Doc

Grab Your Phone to Complete These Steps for Converting a Printed PDF to Docs

  1. Download the Google App and the Docs App from the App Store.
  2. Open the Google App and take a picture of your printed resource.  Be sure and select “TEXT” from the bottom of your screen.
  3. Once the text has been captured, click “Select All” and then “Copy Text.”
  4. Now open the Docs App.
  5. Get a new document and paste the text onto it.
(You can zoom in on the pictures above to see each step more clearly!)

Now Move to Your Computer

When you open Google Docs, you’ll see your new document with your new text.  You can now share it will your students however you typically share your documents.  To make it readable for your students, they will need a text reader extension. My favorite is called Read&Write.  Students can download the extension from the Chrome Store.  The free version will work just fine. The extension will allow students to choose which parts of the document they would like to be read aloud to them. (You can see this in the video above.)

Converting a PDF to a Readable Google Doc

That's it! Now you can take a picture of your paper-based resource and use it digitally as a read aloud!

You can use this to help your students in many different ways.  Check out this blog post from Reading Rockets to learn some of the advantages to using this technology.  Here’s another post with some great information titled Everything You Need to Know About Text to Speech for Education.

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