12 End of Year Must Dos!

12 End of the Year Must Dos

12 End of the Year Ideas to Finish Strong! If you think you’re excited about the end of the school year, imagine how the students are feeling right about now! The end of the year is notorious for being a crazy time! In this post, we are going to share 12 things that you can do to make your last few weeks less chaotic and a little

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How to Make an Escape Room Your Students will LOVE!

How to Make an Escape Room Your Students will LOVE! Hi, I’m Lachlan! I’m an escape games wizard with a passion for making learning FUN. I’ve been working with teachers to create immerse, deep learning experiences using classroom escape room games, and I’m excited to show you how to do the same! Now, don’t you just cherish a smiling classroom? Not only does it feel

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6 Benefits of Pre-Assessment

Should I really be using pre-assessment with my students?  You might be thinking… I haven’t taught this information yet, so why would I assess my students when they aren’t ready? As a veteran teacher in the classroom, I have discovered many benefits of pre-assessments.  Pre-assessments are great for differentiation and monitoring student progress, but there are many more benefits to using this tool as well!

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10 Ideas to Teach Beyond Reading Comprehension

I am thrilled to share 10 literary activities that will help students engage with fiction texts. It’s more than about being meaningful. It’s about providing students the tools they need to deeply immerse themselves in literature and realize all the joys reading can bring. My name is Lauren Szczesny, the founder of LIT Lessons, and I know these 10 activities will help students not just

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A Writing Strategy that Works

A Writing Strategy That Works

I’m Emma Oliver, a teacher turned curriculum designer who loves to help teachers reach all students. Today I’m sharing how the RACE strategy can help your students develop confidence and skill in writing.    If you teach writing, you should know about the RACE writing strategy. The RACE strategy is a brilliant way to teach your students how to properly cite a source in response to

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Sharing Classroom Technology and Devices

Classroom Technology You Can Integrate and Share

Find, Share, Use, and Manage Your Classroom Technology When you share a classroom with 25 people, it’s almost impossible to have enough of anything for everyone to share.  It was always a great day when every student even had just their pencil.  But with technology becoming a more important tool in our lives, how do we make sure that students get the opportunity to use

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Blended Learning in Elementary

Yay! Blended Learning! Now What?

I’m really excited to share a little bit about blended learning in the elementary school classroom. My name is Jesi Luxon, and I have a passion for empowering young learners in the classroom.  If you take one thing from this post please know that blended learning is a process. It takes time for students and teachers to adjust to 1:1 devices in the classroom. I’d

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Teacher Organization with Trello Boards

5 Super Useful Trello Boards for Teacher Organization

I’ve been reading James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, and one of my favorite quotes is “You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems.” Hopefully you’ve set some personal boundaries and goals for  your work life this year. Maybe you want to leave school by 4:15 each day.  Maybe you want to stop working nights and

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5 Tips for Engaging Students During Reader’s Workshop

Struggling to Engage Students During Reader’s Workshop? If you’ve been teaching for any length of time, chances are you have gone to your district’s training on implementing Reader’s Workshop. It can sound very overwhelming to think about your students reading for 40 minutes straight. I bet you can think of those students in your class right now who are “fake reading.” They stare at their

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