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Making Your Own Connections Game: A Fun Classroom Innovation

Every morning, I have a ritual that kickstarts my brain and sets the tone for the day: diving into the New York Times Connections game. I’m not just a fan; I’m downright obsessed. It’s the perfect blend of challenge and satisfaction, and it got me thinking: why not bring this excitement into the classroom? Seeing the game’s popularity and its knack for drawing connections between

Opposite Day Activities in the Classroom! Flip the Tale!

Just the other night, my best friend sent me the cutest video of her daughter reading me a book. She’s stepping into the big world of reading, and boy, was she excited to show off her new skills! The book she picked? “What’s the Opposite.” It was one of those sweet coincidences because National Opposite Day was just a couple days away. This adorable moment

Improve Student Writing in 10 Minutes a Day With Mentor Sentences

Mentor Sentences A few years one of my students came up, obviously frustrated.  “I just can’t seem to get my ideas down right,” she moaned.  ELA, especially writing, often posed such challenges for many of my students. They had lots of stories to tell,  but articulating those tales? That was another story. Enter the magic of model sentences! Think of model sentences, AKA mentaor sentences,

Classroom Birthday Ideas to Make Every Student Feel Special!

Classroom Birthday Ideas to Make Every Student Feel Special! There’s a magical moment in our classrooms that happens every so often. It’s not the “aha!” of grasping a new concept, nor is it the quiet hum of a room engrossed in a book. It’s the excited twinkle in a student’s eye when they realize that today, in this space, it’s their day. I’m talking about

Ultimate Back to School Resource Guide for a Successful Year

Upper Elementary Back to School Resources Just for You! Welcome to our comprehensive back to school resource guide, specially designed to help you prepare for a new year. Our selected resources focus on bolstering critical areas such as math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills! From interactive math games and engaging ELA activities, to innovative teaching strategies and essential learning tools, we’ve got you covered!

Grading Papers, Organizing Work, and Getting It All Ready to Send Home FAST!

If you’re like me, you know that the life of a teacher extends far beyond the final bell. As much as we love igniting those little sparks of knowledge in our students, we are well-acquainted with the after-school grading hours spent buried in piles of papers. From grading student work to keeping classroom materials in order, managing papers is an integral part of our daily

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