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What are the different types of fractions?

What are the different types of fractions? Various types of fractions can pop up all around you! Whether you’re splitting a bill at a restaurant or trying to share a pizza with your friends, you’ll encounter situations where you need to understand fractional parts. So, what are the types of fractions? Whether you’re a student struggling with math or someone who wants to refresh their

7 Inclusion Classroom Supports for All Teachers

Welcome, fellow educator!  My name is Caroline Koehler.  I’m a special education teacher guest blogging for Minds in Bloom.  Let’s dive into my 7 strategies to ensure that all classrooms are inclusion classrooms catering to the needs of our diverse learners. As educators, we strive to create an inclusion classroom that is equitable and inclusive of all students.  However, it can be challenging to ensure that every student

Prepare for Report Card Day with a Gradebook Planner!

Don’t let another report card day catch you off guard! It’s the first of the year! School is halfway over, and now is the perfect time to save yourself MAJOR stress in the coming weeks.  Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of report card week rolling around and feeling the pressure of needing to grade 10 stacks of paper, mark 12 assignments

How to Get Your Students Excited About Reading in November

How can teachers and homeschool parents help to promote a love of reading in the month of November?   What are some great books to read during this time?  How can we make reading more fun and exciting for kids?  Let’s explore ways to get kids excited about reading in November! How to encourage reading in November Whether in the classroom or at home, one of

Podcasts for Kids (& for teachers too!)

My Favorite Teacher Podcasts & Podcasts for Kids Podcasts pretty much save my sanity on the daily, because I’m in the car A LOT!  When I’m not feeling music, I trade my tunes for talking! I love listening to Podcasts!  I’m sharing some of my favs with you so that when you’re stuck in traffic and the radio station is playing that song AGAIN, you can

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