35 Uses for Post It Notes in the Classroom

Post It notes are an incredibly useful tool, especially in classrooms! Check out this list of 35 uses for Post It notes to help you discover even more ways to use them!

Who doesn’t love Post Its (which is actually a brand name…sticky notes is the generic)? They come in several sizes, many colors, and best of all….they stick! I always put Post Its on my student supply list because they are just so handy. Here are some nifty things you can do with Post Its:

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  1. As a bookmark (duh)
  2. Reading response while reading: interesting words, favorite parts, questions, inferences, connections, etc.
  3. Use in class polls: Write the poll with the options on the whiteboard. Students put their names on Post Its and stick them to the area where they want to vote.
  4. Instant mood survey: Students have three colors to display on one corner of their desks, green (I’m feeling great), yellow (things are okay), and red (I am not doing well). It will help you to know who to call on, who to give a break to, and who might need some extra attention, all without the student having to say anything.
  5. For brainstorming. Write the topic on the board and have students write their ideas on Post Its and stick them under the topic. Good also for pre-reading or pre-unit questions.
  6. Mapping out the plot of a story. One sentence per Post It.
  7. Informal timelines.
  8. On parent material, such as permission slips that you need to be read. Have the student write “Read Me” in big letters on a brightly colored Post It. Use sparingly, or it will get ignored.
  9. On students: math facts, site words, etc. Students must greet each other by the answer. Fun to do for a day.
  10. Customize them with your own message. Here is a free printing template.
  11. Use to write comments and grades on student projects that you cannot write directly on.
  12. Temporary labels (for file folders, parts of the room for a game, books, etc.)
  13. Post It Planner. Here is a blog post on how.
  14. Post It Lesson Plan Book. Here is a blog post on how.
  15. Idea Board. Got an idea (for a lesson, TpT product, teaching strategy, etc.)? Put it on a Post It and put it on the Idea Board. Take them off as you do them.
  16. Reminders (another duh)
  17. Use part of a pad of Post Its to make a flip-book.
  18. Notes to students: “Thanks for working quietly.” “See me at recess.” “Shhhhh.” etc.
  19. Notes students write to each other – just make sure they keep it positive.
  20. Instant name tags
  21. To make a seating chart (one name per Post It – arrange and rearrange as needed)
  22. One word: Flush!
  23. Two words: Seat down.
  24. Three words: Wash your hands.
  25. To create class graphs
  26. Student-created calendar pieces. Each student gets to create one number for the month.
  27. Scavenger/treasure hunts (write the clues on Post Its)
  28. Any kind of collaborative list: great books, fun places go visit, types of dinosaurs, equations that equal 10, etc.
  29. Make a memory wall at the end of the year.
  30. For summarizing. Start with a big Post It, then go to a medium sized one, then a small one. Here is a picture of how that works.
  31. Labels for piles of paper: “To grade,” “Monday homework,” “Send Home,” etc.
  32. Hidden Math: Here is a fun game. Number Post-Its and put a different math fact on each one. Hide around the room (easy ’cause they are sticky!). Give kids a numbered answer sheet and clip boards. See if they can find and solve all of the problems.
  33. Quick observational notes: Keep stickies in a folder. Jot down notes about individual students as needed throughout the day. Later transfer to more permanent records.
  34. Labels for in-progress science experiments
  35. Have students write down questions they need answered – sometimes it is not the right time to ask. If they write them down, they can ask at a more appropriate time without forgetting.

Other Cool Post It Stuff

Here are some Post It Note things I saw on Amazon:
Post It notes are an incredibly useful tool, especially in classrooms! Check out this list of 35 uses for Post It notes to help you discover even more ways to use them!Post It notes are an incredibly useful tool, especially in classrooms! Check out this list of 35 uses for Post It notes to help you discover even more ways to use them!


What do YOU do with Post Its? Please share with a comment.


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