Brain Breaks Freebie!

Brain Breaks are fun, of course, but I take them very seriously (in a good way!). Research has shown that kids need to move in order to keep focusing and learning. However, in my opinion moving should not be the only goal. While doing a few jumping Jacks or stretches may accomplish the goal of movement, it doesn’t do a whole lot else. A Brain Break is a great opportunity for students to work on coordination, flexibility, and spatial awareness, all while having fun. In addition, a good Brain Break may also offer opportunities for problem solving, cooperation, teamwork, and building social skills. That is why I carefully craft each of my Brain Breaks with these things in mind.This free Roll a Brain Break activity features six unique Brain Breaks. Your students will not only love the Brain Breaks themselves but also the novelty of rolling a die to select which one to do. These Brain Breaks can be easily modified for younger students or made more challenging for older ones. Quick, easy, and fun!

A black and white version is also included! Download yours right here.

Roll a Brain Break

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Happy Teaching,
Rachel Lynette Minds in Bloom
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