DIY Custom Fonts for Teachers – It’s Awesome because it’s You!

Did you know you can create your own teacher font?

Have you ever wished you could have your very own font? With your personal handwriting?  Or maybe that signature heart you dot your i’s with? 

Well, I’ll walk you through the fast, easy, and free way that you can make your very own custom teacher font that reflects YOU!

This video will walk you through creating your own font!

4 Quick Steps to Making Your Own Teacher Fonts

Step 1:

Visit the website  You’ll have to create an account, but the free account works perfectly for what we are going to do.

You’ll need to decide which characters you’ll want to include in your set.  The free version only allows 75 font characters.  I chose alphabet, numbers, and basic punctuation.   That will be too many, so you’ll have to delete a few.  I deleted the characters that I least use.

Step 2:

This is the fun part!  Print the template and get started by adding your own handwriting.  There’s a space for each letter, number, and mark. Try to align the text in the middle of the space and use the guidelines to make sure your letters align vertically.  You can look at the picture below for help.

Example of How to Write the Letters

Step 3:

Now it’s time to scan your characters.  If you don’t have a scanner, you can use a phone app to do it for you.  Just go to the app store and see what you can find.  I use one called CamScanner, and it’s free for me, but I’ve heard other teachers have trouble with it.  You can try it out or look for one that works better for your phone.  Scan the paper as an image file, like a JPEG.  You’ll scan your pages individually.

Once you’ve scanned the template, you’ll need to upload it to the site. It will give you a preview of your letters.  If you have two pages, you’ll upload the second file right after you upload the first page.  It will combine the characters from both pages.

You’re just about done!

An example of my teacher font

Step 4:

Download and install your font.   Once it’s all installed, it’s ready to use.

*One sad side note- you may have to get permission to download on a school computer. 

Get creative with your teacher font ideas!

You don’t just have to use letters and numbers.  Be creative!  Is there something you’d like to be able to type but it isn’t an option with your regular fonts? For me, I create math resources, and fractions are a big part of that.  

It’s really hard to type fractions in a vertical format.  It only works with 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4.  I can make a font that includes all my common fractions and just use that when I’m trying to make resources that involve fractions.

Creative Ways to Use Fonts

Many schools have a very specific curriculum when it comes to teaching handwriting. My former school was like this!  I could never find a font that worked with our letter sets, so I spent a lot of time hand writing practice sheets for my second graders.  Now you can just make a font set with the exact formations you need.  Copy/Paste to the rescue!

Make A Class Font!

You could make a class font!  It would be fun if each student wrote one of the letters on the template.  Then when you had to write letters to parents or create materials for the students, you could use the class font.  So fun!

What if you want to do a code activity?  Like A = J,  B = D,  C= F…. And so on.  When you type an A, a J would appear.  You can also use pictures.  A = a square,  B = a circle… That could make a different kind of code. 

If you’re creative, you’ll think of ways to make your custom fonts work for you.  But if nothing else, just make one using your own handwriting!  It will be fun to share a little bit of yourself with everything you type!

So who's going to make their own font?!?
I'd love to see it!

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  1. Dr. Joanne Ricevuto

    Hello! Is there a poster of all of the shortcuts in one place or do I need to print out each of the slides?

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