Free Word-O-Rama (Similar to Boggle) Task Cards!

Grab this super fun Word-O-Rama Freebie! Word-O-Rama is played like Boggle. Each card is a different game.

  • At a literacy center
  • For fast finishers
  • With partners or small groups (use the same card, score only unique words)
  • As morning work (display for the whole class)
  • Or any time you have a few spare minutes

Students can play with or without a time limit. They can record their answers on the included answer sheets or on notebook paper. Alternatively, you can save paper by having students answer on personal whiteboards or tablets/Chromebooks.
Challenge Cards and Answer Sheets also included!

Get yours right here!

Get your Boggle Task Cards for free!

7 thoughts on “Free Word-O-Rama (Similar to Boggle) Task Cards!”

  1. HI Rachel,
    I am trying to find the rest of the Boggle cards and I cant. I really like them and would like to have more of those.
    On teachers pay teachers you have a different version but I like this version better.
    Is there any way I can get the rest of the cards, and the point sheets? I'll even pay for them.

    I like that the kids get to write their words on the same sheet and write their score on the little star….
    Thank you


    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Unfortunately, the Boggle templates are not available right now. Thanks for checking!

      – Leslie (Rachel’s assistant)

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