Grab Your I Heart Literacy Freebie!

I’d love for you to try I Heart Literacy, so I whipped up a 5-page freebie (plus answer keys) to make it super easy!

I Heart Literacy is a fabulous way to supercharge your ELA and reading skills review! Not only will students be practicing important standards, they will also be learning about curriculum-based topics as each page has its own high-interest theme! Skills are Common Core-based and vary throughout the pages.

These Common Core-based literacy pages cover high-interest themes and help students improve ELA and reading skills. Your students will enjoy the challenge of these pages while practicing key reading strategies for growth.

Please enjoy these 5 FREE pages!

More about I Heart Literacy:

I Heart Literacy is my newest product – basically, it is a new spin on ELA and Reading Review – often used as Morning Work. Each page is totally different, fun, and, of course, rigorous. The pages are themed, and each of the six activities goes along with the theme, so your students will not only be practicing skills but also learning new and interesting things. There is always a short reading passage with one or two text-dependent questions, five more ELA activities, and one more bonus, open-ended activity to be completed on the back of the page. That last activity is great for fast finishers, extra credit or as homework. In addition, there is a theme-related joke or fun fact on each page. The skills covered are listed at the bottom of the page and in the table of contents for easy reference. Check out this video to see more!

YouTube video

Happy teaching!


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