How Many Educators Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

How many educators does it take to change a light bulb? This post is intended to be a metaphor for the life of educators, and it's meant to be lighthearted. I hope you'll read it and see how sometimes the things we have to do seem a little outlandish!

Please take this post in the spirit of fun and lightness in which it is offered.

One to write a detailed lesson plan on how to change the light bulb to be turned into the administrators for review at least a week before the light bulb is to be changed.

One to be sure the lesson plan includes plans for how to differentiate the changing of the light bulb so that all learners can benefit – differentiations will include:

  • composing and performing a song about changing the light bulb
  • determining how long the new light bulb will last based on past light bulb statistics
  • writing a paper on the history of light bulbs and presenting it to the group
  • allowing participants to work in groups to change the light bulb
  • drawing out a diagram of how the light bulb will be changed
  • exploring what it really means to change a light bulb and what effect the changing of the light bulb will have on those who change it, as well as those who benefit from the light
  • relating the changing of the light bulb to other experiences in one’s own life
  • discussing how changing the light bulb will impact the environment

One to make sure that changing the light bulb is challenging for both highly capable learners and those needing remedial help.

  • Highly capable learners will be challenged to come up with ways to change the light bulb without the use of a ladder.
  • Those needing more help will receive special instruction on the “Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty” light bulb changing technique.

One to make sure that the light bulb changing lesson plan is consistent with district objectives and Common Core State Standards.

A task force of six to design a comprehensive yet standardized test on light bulb changing.

One to administer the light bulb changing test.

A committee of 15 to interpret the results of the light bulb changing test.

A committee of 20 to design a new light bulb changing curriculum, since the test proved the old one was a failure.

A committee of several dozen to passionately debate the merits and shortcomings of both the new light bulb changing curriculum and the testing methods.

A team of four to convince that original teacher who wrote the first lesson plan not to quit her job and move to a small hut on the beach in the Bahamas with no electricity and, therefore, no light bulbs.

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