How Music Can Boost Your Child’s Mental Health

Music Can Boost Your Child’s Mental Health- Here’s How!

Music has some great benefits in our life!

It helps to reduce stress. And also has the power to heal our mind and soul. Do you know that 92.1% of parents in the U.S. played music to their kids?


Most of us know and appreciate the advantages of music. And we also make use of its power to improve our quality of life. 

But what if I tell you that music can support your child’s well-being in some fascinating ways?


Studies have proved many benefits of music on child’s mental health. Some of these are:

  • Expressing emotions
  • Supporting the mind’s recovery from mental or brain health issues.
  • Improving eating and sleep patterns. 

The actual benefits of music are not limited to these alone. In fact, there is a close relationship between music and mental health. This article will cover these points.

What are the Benefits of Music for Children?

1. Improves Mental Health

Clearly, there is a deep relationship between music and mental health. It can lift one’s mood, and bring the mind into a healthier state. Music also helps to relax. I am sure we all can remember the classical bedtime songs that we loved as kids. And the best part is that these timeless songs or jingles are equally loved by our kids as well.

2. Brings Down Stress Levels

Let me take you through a fact to explain how music can reduce stress in children. 

Music therapy for children is great to improve mood. And helps in pain relief as well. A study shows the impact of music therapy on a child’s mental health. Almost 50% of the studied (children or adults) felt relief from pain. While others in depression also found it effective.

3. Supports Physical and Emotional Health

Other than the well-known advantages, music also has some great health benefits. It reduces one’s heart rate. In addition, it also decreases blood pressure. As teachers/parents, we can make use of this awesome res to help our kids in a number of ways. This is a wonderful way of teaching kids about emotions. And once they identify their emotions, it is easier for them to learn how to manage these.

Morning Meeting Questions & Daily Classroom Slides

Before we wrap up, here’s a look at some quick tips for teachers!

How can you use the power of music in the classroom?

  • Brain Break Songs- As the name suggests, these songs go very well with preschoolers and students at the elementary level. Create a playlist of popular nursery rhymes. And do not forget to add creativity through some fun games during these breaks. Slow motion dance, freeze, move, etc., are some easy ways of introducing brain breaks with music to kids. 
  • Use Simple Sounds More Often- Clapping, snapping, dancing, and other movements are highly effective to engage kids. Add these elements to your storytelling, and book chapters. This will make the routine ways of teaching and learning more fun for the kids. And needless to say, once they have fun, your teaching will be more effective!
  • Have a playlist and set tones- You can also set particular tones to introduce your lesson/topic. The same can be done with transition points within a story. These little changes will help you to use music more often.

Final Thoughts

Music can help teachers to create a positive learning space within the classroom. It is a wonderful way to express one’s emotions. And the benefits for children can also extend across all stages of life. We hope our information will help you to add more musical dimensions to your everyday classroom teaching.  

Thanks for Reading!

Author Bio

I am Vijay Nishad, a freelance fact-checker and educationist. My passion is to connect the dots and draw meaningful inferences in order to touch upon the minutest aspects that affect the global education industry. I love to share my views about fascinating topics with like-minded people to bring about positive change. I hope my work and perspective enlighten my readers!

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