Make Your Own Subject Specific “HedBanz” Game

HedBanz is a game based on a simple game that we all used to play at parties when we were kids. Make your own subject-specific version DIY-style!

This year while holiday shopping, I kept running across the game HedBanz. It seemed to be pretty popular, and, in fact, my boyfriend’s 8-year-old got one for Christmas. What I thought was interesting is that this is basically just a version of a game we used to play at birthday parties when I was a kid. An adult would put the name of a famous or fictional person on your back and you would mingle with others, asking “yes” or “no” questions to figure out who you were. That is pretty much the gist of HedBanz, as well, except that the game comes with pre-made cards and plastic headbands to put them in.

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Why not make a version of the game to use in your classroom? How hard could it be? Write the words from something you are studying on cards (animal sight words, state names, types of land forms…whatever), stick them on your students’ backs, and let them go to town. If you want to get really fancy, you could even make construction paper headbands and slide the card between the band and the student’s forehead, or maybe use a large-sized paperclip to put the card on the band. However you do it, Hedbanz (despite it’s incorrect spelling) can inspire some great learning!

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