National Children’s Book Week – May and November

What’s National Children’s Book Week?

National Children’s Book Week is a super-fun annual event that was established by the American Library Association.

This amazing celebration is all about uniting schools, publishers, libraries, and bookstores across the country to spread the joy of children’s literature. Twice a year, in May and November, people everywhere celebrate.

National Children’s Book Week is all about getting young readers hooked on books!

Communities come together, and schools and libraries team up to organize all sorts of celebrated activities, workshops, and storytime sessions to inspire children and spark their curiosity.

For all you upper elementary teachers out there, it’s time to help students fall in love with reading!

When is National Children’s Book Week?

This year, 2023, Children’s Book Week is May 1-7 and November 6-12!

Fun and Interactive Ways to Celebrate National Book Week

Host a book character costume parade: Encourage students to dress up as their favorite book characters and parade through the school or library.

Organize a book-themed trivia contest: Test students’ knowledge of their favorite books and authors with fun and challenging trivia questions.

Set up a reading nook or “book cafe”: Transform a corner of your classroom or library into a cozy reading space where students can relax and enjoy their favorite books.

Create a “book swap” event: Have students bring in gently used books to swap with their classmates, promoting a culture of sharing and discovery.

Host a book-themed movie night: Screen film adaptations of popular children’s books, and encourage discussions about the differences between the published book and movie versions. Here are some book vs. movie task cards you can incorporate!

See If Your Local Library Has Materials You Can Use!

Throughout the week, libraries host exciting activities like read-aloud sessions, author visits, and creative workshops that get kids excited! Partnering with schools, they offer teachers resources and materials for engaging lesson plans.

Libraries also collaborate with educators to curate recommended book lists, ensuring students have a personalized, enjoyable reading experience during National Children’s Book Week.

Upper Elementary Teachers and Librarians UNITE!

Ask your school librarian if he or she wants to collaborate with you. They can help you with book projects or even just pull books that your students might be interested in.

Here are some projects that would be great to collaborate on:

Book-themed art projects: Have students create illustrations or craft projects inspired by their favorite books or characters.

Reading challenges: Encourage students to set personal reading goals for the week and provide rewards or recognition for their achievements.

Author studies: Introduce students to the importance of exploring works and ideas of diverse authors. Here are a couple ideas: Famous Authors Mini Booklet Project and Famous Authors Class Quilt Collaborative Project

kids author study projects

Book clubs: Organize age-appropriate book clubs that allow students to discuss their favorite books, share their opinions, and explore new titles with their peers.

Parent Involvement in Encouraging Children to Read

Parents play an essential role in nurturing their child’s love for reading, both during National Children’s Book Week and year-round.

To support National Children’s Book Week, parents can:

  • Read with their children at home, discussing the stories and asking questions to enhance comprehension.
  • Encourage their child to explore a variety of genres, authors, and themes, including works by lesser-represented writers

  • Attend events and activities organized by their child’s school or local library.

  • Visit bookstores and libraries with their child, helping them select books that match their interests and reading level.

Grab this parent letter that you can send home with your students. There’s an editable version included!

Book Recommendations for National Children’s Book Week

When celebrating National Children’s Book Week, offer students many resources and lots of choices- classic and contemporary, fiction and non-fiction. Encourage them to try new authors, genres, and themes.

Don’t forget to research and include books by lesser-represented authors like Black, LGBT, and other amazing writers. It’s a great way to show kids diverse perspectives and make the literary world more inclusive for everyone.

I hope you’re going to celebrate National Children’s Book Week this year!

National Children’s Book Week is a time to celebrate the magic of reading, ignite the imaginations of young readers, and nurture a love for literature that will last a lifetime.

As educators, librarians, parents, and community members, let’s seize this opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and encourage children to explore the boundless world of books.

By working together and embracing the history and spirit of National Children’s Book Week, we can empower our children to become lifelong readers.

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