Celebrate National Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to get your students interested in poetry?

Poem in Your Pocket Day is a holiday worth celebrating. It provides a great opportunity to ignite the passion for reading and writing among students.

So, grab your favorite poem and get ready to be in on the fun!

The History of Poem in Your Pocket Day

Once upon a time in 2002, the beautiful city of New York celebrated the first-ever Poem in Your Pocket Day. The concept was simple yet compelling. People would carry and share poems throughout the day. It started as part of the city’s National Poetry Month celebrations, promoting a sense of community and love for poetry.

What started small is now a nationwide celebration!

Fast forward to 2008, and the Academy of American Poets decided it was time to take this fantastic idea across the country.

Celebrating cultural affairs and promoting diversity through events like Poem in Your Pocket Day is a powerful way to bring people together and foster a love for poetry.

National Poetry Month, established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, is a prime example of how cultural affairs and education can intersect in meaningful ways. Poem in Your Pocket Day, celebrated in April, is just one of the many ways people come together to honor the beauty, diversity, and emotional depth of poetry.

Why should we participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day?

Participating in Poem in Your Pocket Day allows students to explore the rich world of poetry, develop their literary skills, and share their passion with others.

  1. Personal connections: Carrying and sharing a poem can help students connect with the emotions and themes in the poetry, fostering a deeper appreciation for the written word.

  2. Literacy and critical thinking: Exploring poetry and discussing its themes can enhance students’ literary skills, critical thinking, and overall education.

  3. Community building: Sharing poetry with classmates, friends, and family members helps create a sense of community and camaraderie through a shared love of literature.

Common Poem in Your Pocket Day Questions

How can I incorporate Poem in Your Pocket Day into my lesson plans?

Consider dedicating a class session to discussing and selecting poems and encourage students to share their favorite poems with their classmates. You can also create activities that focus on reading, analyzing, and discussing the poems’ themes and meanings.

What age-appropriate poems can I suggest to my students?

There are countless poetry books and anthologies available that cater to the interests and reading levels of young poets. Ask your librarian to pull some great books for you!

Poetry for kids

How can I encourage students to select a poem that resonates with them personally?

Encouraging individuals to explore various perspectives and types of poetry can help them develop their unique style and appreciation for the art.

Encourage your students to not only select a poem that they feel a personal connection to, but also to explore and share other poems that speak to them. Guide them in this process by helping them reflect on the emotions and themes that resonate with them.

What day is Poem in Your Pocket Day this year?

In 2023, Poem in Your Pocket Day falls on April 27, 2023 in America and in Canada. Mark your calendars!

Ready to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day with your students?

Here are some fun and engaging ideas to incorporate this special event into your lesson plans:

  1. Poem selection day: Dedicate a class session to exploring different poems, discussing themes and styles, and allowing students to choose a poem by their favorite poet or one that speaks to them personally.
    Encouraging students to select a poem that is close to their hearts can create a deeper appreciation for the written word.

  2. Poem analysis: Have students analyze and discuss their chosen poems, focusing on elements such as imagery, tone, and structure. This activity will help students better understand and appreciate the poems they’ve selected.

  3. Creative writing: Writing their own poems inspired by their favorite poet or theme can foster creativity and love for poetry writing among students. This will give them the chance to express themselves creatively and develop their writing skills.

  4. Poetry scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt using clues based on the themes, styles, or lines from various poems. This activity will encourage students to explore different poems and make connections between them.

  5. Poetry “speed dating”: Have students sit in pairs and share their chosen poems with each other. After a few minutes, have them switch partners and repeat the process. This activity helps students discover new poems and practice presenting and discussing their selected pieces.

  6. Poetry collage: Encourage students to create a visual representation of their chosen poem using images, drawings, or magazine cutouts. This activity allows students to connect with their poem on a deeper level and express their understanding through art.

  7. Poetry wall: Meg, one of our readers, shared this amazing idea:

    “Last year, for April, I made a bulletin board and printed fun poems by well-known poets as well as some my students had written.  Along the bottom, I created a row of little “pockets” with a short poem typed on the front and then tucked multiple copies of the poem inside each pocket with a sign encouraging students and staff to take one or more.   I included poems in English and Spanish.  It was a hit!  I loved that it encouraged kids to read as they walked through the hallway.”

    I thought this was a great way for all teachers – not just ELA teachers – to build poetry month into their lessons! You can use the printable pockets!
  8. Collaborative and Interactive Bulletin Board: Create a Poem in Your Pocket collaborative bulletin board! If you hang it in your hallway, students can write their own poem or just share a poem they love!

Collaboration with other teachers and schools

  1. Organize a joint Poem in Your Pocket Day with another class or school. This could involve a poetry reading event, collaborative activities, or even a friendly poetry competition.

  2. Connect with other teachers and educators on social media or online forums to exchange ideas, share resources, and discuss best practices for celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day in the classroom.

Ideas for involving technology and social media

Looking to add a modern twist to your Poem in Your Pocket Day celebration? Here are some ideas for incorporating technology and social media:

  1. Digital poem sharing: Have students write digital versions of their chosen poems, using tools like Canva or Google Slides. They can then share their creations with their classmates or on a class website.

  2. Record themselves: Have students use recording software like ScreenCastify to record themselves reading their poem. Afterward, they can generate a QR code that links to their poem for others to view.

  3. Social media challenge: Encourage students to share their chosen poems on social media, using a designated hashtag (e.g., #PoemInMyPocketDay2023). This will help spread the love of poetry and create a sense of community beyond the classroom.

  4. Virtual poetry reading: Organize a virtual poetry reading event with another class or school to share your students’ chosen poems and their own original compositions. This can be done via video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

Make Poem in Your Pocket Day mean something!

If you want to encourage open conversation and poetry sharing in your classroom, here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Encourage participation: Make sure every student has an opportunity to share their chosen poem and explain why it resonates with them.

  2. Be open-minded: Welcome different perspectives and interpretations of the poems, encouraging students to think critically and express their own opinions.

  3. Create a safe space: Encourage students to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or ridicule. This will help build a sense of trust and camaraderie among classmates.

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