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Christmas Activities Mystery Readers Theater Script Comprehension Inferencing +

Unwrap the magic of Christmas with our “Who Stole Santa’s List?” Mystery Reader’s Theater! Perfect for busy elementary teachers, this engaging, no-prep activity turns your students into sleuthing detectives solving a festive whodunnit. Boost reading, writing, and critical thinking skills while immersing students in holiday cheer. Ideal for 4th to 6th graders, yet easily adaptable for other grades. Grab your teacher’s guide and let the holiday fun begin!


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Engage and Educate with a Whodunnit Adventure!

This fun and engaging “Whodunnit” reader theater is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for your students! In this Valentine’s Day mystery, students transform into detectives, using their sleuthing skills to uncover the secret of delicious-looking cupcakes left on their desks.

Transform Your Classroom into a Detective Scene

  • Real Sleuthing, Real Fun

It’s a thrilling Readers Theater experience, where students take part in Valentine’s Reading and Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts. Ideal for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, it’s easily adaptable for other levels.

The Mystery Unfolds in Three Acts

  • Involvement and Interaction for Everyone In the 3-act readers’ theater, students explore a Valentine’s Day Math mystery. With 24 characters, the script can be shared or doubled, ensuring every student plays a part in the Valentine’s Day Party mystery.

Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Activity

  • Time Allocation and Resource Breakdown Plan for a couple of hours of engaging Valentine’s Day Activity. This can be a highlight of an ELA block or spread out over a Valentine’s Week celebration.

What’s Included:

  • Versatile Script Options: Printable, PowerPoint, or Google Slides.
  • Mystery Solving Lessons: Motive, means, opportunity, and circumstantial evidence.
  • Vocabulary Enrichment: 20 integrated words.
  • Interactive Note-Taking: Sheets and Google Slides for detective work.
  • Visual Clues: Evidence to aid in solving the mystery.
  • Creative Writing: Activity for crafting the story’s ending.

Inspired by Real Mystery Parties

  • From Party to Classroom: A Fun Educational Twist

Created by Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom, this product takes inspiration from a real-life successful murder mystery party, offering a similar thrilling experience in a classroom setting.

Reader’s Theater: More Than Just an Activity

  • Integrating Academic Skills into Fun A perfect blend of learning and fun, this activity requires minimal prep and offers a digital script option for an even easier setup.

Want More Mystery Reader’s Theater?

  • Who Swiped the Spells? – Halloween Mystery Reader’s Theater
  • Who Stole the Turkey? – Thanksgiving Mystery Reader’s Theater
  • Who Stole Santa’s List? – Christmas Mystery Reader’s Theater
  • Who Left Us Cupcakes? – Valentine’s Day Mystery Reader’s Theater
  • Who’s Making Mischief? – St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Reader’s Theater
  • Who Freed the Fish? – End of the Year Mystery Reader’s Theater

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40 reviews for Christmas Activities Mystery Readers Theater Script Comprehension Inferencing +

  1. Michelle C M.

    My students loved this activity and stayed engaged the entire time. It was fun to hear them try to figure out the culprit through most of the story!

  2. Kelly M.

    I’ve used this resource for two years in a row and it is the PERFECT activity to lead us into the Christmas holiday. The students have so much fun trying to figure out who did it, that they don’t even realize how much they are working on their fluency as well as other reading skills. Thank you!

  3. The Conrad Classroom

    My students loved putting on this play as a whole class. They got so involved and were completely surprised by the plot twist!

  4. Threasa Hallford

    My students loved this! It was a fun way to integrate reader’s theater and the holidays. They also enjoyed the writing component at the end.

  5. Linda S.

    This was a great readers theatre for my 4th grade students. They loved doing readers theaters especially during Christmas and this one was entertaining and a lot of fun.

  6. Brigitte Vercoutere

    Another amazing resource! I was looking for an engaging activity to utilize a few days of classes prior to winter break. The kids were all a little antsy to be done with school for a couple of weeks (so was I). Every student participated. We all spent time making a spreadsheet and hypothesis of whodunnit. What a fun end of season activity!

  7. RobinsonGoesFourth

    I used this resource on the day before winter break as a fun reading activity. It took our whole reading block and next year when I use it I will probably split it into two days. It’s very fun and engaging and the slides with the script are so helpful and easy to see and read.

  8. Bharti L.

    Its a really great resource-my students really enjoyed it as well! I just think we needed a bit more time-around 2 weeks because a lot of activities are happening last week of December before break-which I didn’t realize so I would give my class more time next year! I loved how engaged students were !

  9. Mrs Pope

    My students performed this for our assembly item and it was a hit! They all loved it and it was so easy to follow. THANK YOU 🙂

  10. Kelly M.

    My students love a good mystery and being able to express themselves verbally. This resource was a great edition to my holiday activities.

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