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NO PREP Comparing Whole Numbers Lesson – Click and Teach Student Presentation

Engage students in comparing whole numbers with a ready-to-use Click and Teach presentation. Includes cooperative learning, movement breaks, and practice opportunities. Suitable for 3rd-5th graders, this resource encourages peer discussions, note-taking, and active participation. Save time and energy with this interactive lesson!


✅ 114 Fast-Paced Slides
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Teach Comparing Whole Numbers the easy way with this fun and interactive Click and Teach presentation! This presentation is designed to be used with your whole class and requires almost no teacher prep! It can be used as a PowerPoint or as Google Slides.

In addition to direct instruction, this lesson includes

  • cooperative learning (Turn and Talk)
  • learning through movement (Brain Breaks)
  • plenty of practice opportunities

Your students will be actively involved throughout the entire lesson!

There are many uses for this lesson:

  • Your time and your energy are precious resources. Because this lesson is ready-to-use, it will save you prep and planning time.
  • This lesson would work great for a sub.
  • This would be great if you have never taught this concept or are not quite comfortable with it. Perhaps you are a new teacher or have switched grade levels.
  • A parent or other volunteer could use this presentation for a small group or for students who need extra reinforcement.

✍️ Your students won’t need anything but a pencil and a sheet of paper!

The presentation is especially designed with students and teachers in mind!

  • Engaging
  • Encourages Peer Discussions
  • Includes Note-Taking
  • Practice Opportunities Included
  • Brain Breaks & Movement Breaks Included
  • Requires no copies!
  • Easily presented by a substitute, brand new teacher, or anyone needing a ready-to-go lesson


Before the Lesson:

  • Make sure every student has a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.
  • Students will have opportunities to have discussions with other students. You can have students sitting together in a group or they can sit at their desks and discuss with other students that sit near them.
  • Brain breaks require students to stand and move around the room.
  • Choose whether you want to use the PowerPoint or Google Slides version of the presentation.

During the Lesson:

  • Click through the slides at a pace appropriate for your students.
  • You can read the text out loud or select students to do the reading.
  • During Turn and Talks and written response times, monitor your students to make sure they are on task. You’ll need to decide when it’s time to move on to the next part of the presentation.
  • All students should be engaged during the written response portions.

The presentation slides include 4 icons that will show students when they can raise their hands, discuss their thoughts with a friend, take notes, complete practice problems, and even take a quick brain break. There are very few animations so that the presentation is easy to implement, even if the teacher hasn’t looked over it beforehand.

After the Lesson:

  • Comparing numbers is a true foundation of math! If your students need more practice, consider purchasing our Comparing Whole Numbers Math Kit that has everything you need!

Check out the preview to learn more!

This lesson should be used with 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders, depending on what they’re ready for.

✍️ Here are some specifics about the content included in the lesson:

  • Introduces comparison symbols
  • Reviews the place value table (to thousands)
  • Uses the place value to the thousands place to teach using place value to compare numbers (3&4 digit numbers)
  • Ordering 3 numbers (4-digit numbers)

Best for Common Core Standards:

  • 4.NBT.A.2

Best for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills TEKS:

  • 3.2D, 4.2C

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About the Author

Rachel Lynette is a published author of over 120 nonfiction books for children on a variety of subjects, as well as several teacher resource books. She has written for publishers such as Harcourt, Thompson-Gale, Rosen, Children’s Press, Evan-Moor, Kagan, and several others. This resource reflects more than a decade of professional writing experience.

Terms of Use

This resource was created by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack for Minds in Bloom INC., all rights reserved. It may be used by the original purchaser for single class use only. Teachers may distribute this product in email, through google classroom or over the Internet to their students (and parents) as long as the site is password protected. In other words, you may distribute it to your own students, but may not put it on the Internet where it could be publicly found and downloaded.

If you want to share this resource with colleagues, please purchase additional licenses from TpT. Thank you for respecting these terms of use.

This product is happily brought to you by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom

SKU: 8364056

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5 reviews for NO PREP Comparing Whole Numbers Lesson – Click and Teach Student Presentation

  1. The 5th Grade Renegade

    I used this with my RTI group and it helped them. Thank you.

  2. Kelly Hornsby

    these are a great resource – My student really stayed engaged with it.

  3. Jamie D.

    I love how interactive and fun your click and teach lessons are. This is a great resource. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Denise M.

    Again, my sub really enjoyed using this resource. The kids enjoyed it, too. Thank you!

  5. Shirley W.

    First time and first day of use and I know this is such a useful resource. My students enjoyed it too

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