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St. Patrick’s Day Reading Comprehension Activities Readers Theater Inferencing

Transform your classroom this March with our captivating St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Reader’s Theater! Perfect for upper elementary students, this activity combines detective skills and fun, engaging storytelling. Say goodbye to disengaged students and hello to enthusiastic sleuths! With minimal prep and maximum excitement, your students will enhance their reading, writing, and inferencing skills while uncovering who’s causing mischief in Shamrock. Make St. Patrick’s Day unforgettable and educational—grab your mystery reader’s theater today! #ElementaryTeaching #StPatricksDayFun


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St Patricks Day

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Our fun and engaging “Whodunnit” readers’ theaters are the perfect activities for your students! This bundle includes 7 holiday-themed mysteries:

  • Back to School – Who’s Our Teacher?
  • Halloween – Who Swiped the Spells?
  • Thanksgiving – Who Stole the Turkey?
  • Christmas – Who Stole Santa’s List?
  • Valentine’s Day – Who Left Us Cupcakes?
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Who’s Making Mischief?
  • End of Year – Who Freed the Fish?

In these activities, students will learn to become detectives and then use their sleuthing skills to figure out what happened! With lots of suspects and circumstantial evidence, the students will have to take good notes, make lots of inferences, and think like a real detective in order to solve the mystery! This product was created with upper elementary students in mind, but it can definitely be scaled to work with other grade levels as well.


Having the Reader’s Theater is the perfect platform for integrating real academic skills. This activity will feel like a fun day, but not a moment of the day will be wasted!

These mystery readers’ theaters are great because:

  • They’re super engaging
  • They target real skills to help students grow in reading and writing
  • They help students enhance their inferencing skills
  • There’s very little prep!
  • If you choose the digital script, along with your projector, you do not have to make a copy for each student. The font is very large so that students can read their lines from across the room.

Great for 4th, 5th, or 6th grade!



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51 reviews for St. Patrick’s Day Reading Comprehension Activities Readers Theater Inferencing

  1. Lisa H.

    This was my first reader theatre activity with my class this year and they were hooked immediately! I have a class of 21 so it worked perfectly. They really enjoyed the implementation of the slides as we read the script.

  2. Heidi G.

    I have purchased all your Readers’ Theater Mysteries and my students LOVE them! They stay so engaged in the story, take notes (jot down ‘clues’), and love trying to figure out who did it. This leprechaun theme was a lot of fun. It was a little different than the previous ones with the surprise twist at the end. I gave them time to debate their choices with in their groups which they really enjoyed. They had to defend their choices with evidence and explain their thinking.

  3. GATE Help

    Thanks for making my life easier! My students LOVE these, I’d love to have more!

  4. Jennifer D.

    We read this on St. Patrick’s Day! The kids loved it, just like all of the other whodunits!! Great resource that the kids LOVE!

  5. Melissa G.

    The students love these Readers’ Theater Mysteries and look forward to each one during the holidays. This one didn’t disappoint and allowed for great discussion and inferencing. This is a super tool to teach reading skills in a fun way where kids don’t even know they are learning!

  6. Leah Richelle M.

    My students loved this mystery reader’s theater! It kept them guessing to the end! It was a little different format from the ones we had done previously, but they adapted quickly. I love the higher level vocabulary and inclusion of common idioms in this reader’s theater. It really stretched my kids’ vocabulary!

  7. Jami G.

    My students LOVE these mysteries! They get so involved in the story and love trying to figure out who did it. They loved the leprechaun theme for this one! Since this one had a twist at the end, some of my students who had gathered really good evidence for certain characters were a bit disappointed with the ending. But overall, we had a great time as a class!

  8. Margaret S.

    My students love these specific Reader’s Theater lessons! It keeps the whole class engaged.

  9. Julia L.

    We used this as a whole class with the google slides projected and assigned parts. The students were very engaged and got irritated when someone wasn’t paying attention to keep the flow going! We had great discussions trying to solve the clues and the final mystery at the end

  10. Karen B.

    My students love these they are engaging and keep the students guessing.

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