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Stuff a Stocking Christmas Math Activity print or Digital Google Slides

Students will enjoy a holiday math activity where they use various operations to fill virtual stockings with toys. The resource includes two versions with and without decimals, print or digital slides, and skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Real World Math Fun! In this holiday activity, students will use a variety of math operations to create their friends virtual stockings stuffed with toys! There are multiple versions to meet your needs. This is a great activity for problem-solving. The resource requires students to add, subtract, and multiply.

2 Versions: Prices with decimals and prices without decimals

2 Versions: Print or Google Digital Slides


  • Stocking stuffer catalog
  • Recording Sheet
  • 2 Google Slides activities
  • Student Instructional video

What math skills are represented?

  • Gathering data from print-rich sources
  • Multiplying- to determine the price of multiple packages
  • Subtraction- to determine leftover items that aren’t needed in the stockings
  • Addition- to determine the total price for all of the virtual gifts
  • Division- There is only 1 instance of division, and if students haven’t learned the skill, they can use a calculator.

What real world skills are represented?

– The joy of giving

– Using catalogs

– Spending and budgeting

How can I differentiate?

  • Choose to share the whole number or decimal version
  • Require students to work within a budget
  • The instructional video offers lots of support, so to challenge students, delete the video before sharing.

Check out the preview to see greater detail!

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6 reviews for Stuff a Stocking Christmas Math Activity print or Digital Google Slides

  1. Sydney Y.

    A little advanced for my 3rd graders but great enrichment for the student beyond level

  2. jennifer schrock


  3. Jen Bonofiglio

    This work much better with my grade 4 students, than my grade 3. It is difficult to give the one-on-one assistance that some lower level students require, when online.

  4. Mary H.

    This was very fun and engaging for my third grade students!


    Just what I was looking for.

  6. Jennifer R.

    Fun practice!

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