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Are you looking to set up a creative classroom? This post shares ideas for bringing puzzles, brain teasers, and games into your classroom to encourage creativity and critical thinking. Click through to learn what puzzles, brain teasers, and games Rachel Lynette suggests!

The Creative Classroom: Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and Games

Maybe you have some challenging puzzles, strategy games, books with logic puzzles, and other fun-yet-educational odds and ends. Consider putting them all in one place and giving the space a name…Brain Gym, The Puzzle Place, Conundrum Corner – you get the idea. By making a Puzzle Place (or whatever you want to call it), you make materials that may have been hidden in a closet

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We have a lot of wall space in our classrooms, obviously, so what can we do with it? In this installment of The Creative Classroom series, I talk about what to do with walls. Click through to read my tips and suggestions for decorating your classroom!

The Creative Classroom – What to do with Walls

Aside from holding up the ceiling, walls can serve several purposes in your classroom. They can help to make the room a warm and inviting space in which kids feel comfortable. They can support learning, and they can show off student work. Here are some ideas for decorating yours: Consider Colors Make your walls colorful. Most teachers use butcher paper, but I’ve also seen wrapping paper

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The back of the classroom can sometimes feel like a wasted space, but there are lots of things that you can do with it. I'm sharing some ideas of what to do with the back of your creative classroom, so click through to read more!

The Creative Classroom – Got Your Back

Is this the back of the classroom? The front? Maybe a side wall? Can’t really tell, and that is what I like about it. One interesting way to use the back of your classroom is to not really have one. If you can teach from different places around the room, your classroom may not really have a back. However, most classrooms do. So here are

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It's always a great idea to cultivate the creative classroom, but sometimes we need some fresh ideas for what to do with the front of it. I'm sharing many ideas in this blog post for ways to utilize the valuable real estate that is the front of your classroom, where your students likely spend a lot of time looking. Click through to learn more!

The Creative Classroom: Come to the Front

Your students spend a lot of time looking at the front of your classroom, so it is important to make the most of that space. This is valuable real estate, so think carefully about how you want to use it. In most classrooms, the central feature is the whiteboard. If you are one of the lucky few that is blessed with an Interactive White Board

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The class library is an important area for every classroom. Use these tips to help make it cozy and inviting and also to keep it organized.

The Creative Classroom – Your Class Library

The two main challenges with a classroom library seem to be making it cozy and inviting yet easily accessible, and keeping it organized. Here are some thoughts on both. Make It Inviting Most kids love cozy spaces. Ideally, your class library should be in a corner of your room, away from the door and the sink. A rug is a must. Bean bags, big pillows,

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Desk arrangement is one of the most important components of classroom management. Read Rachel's thoughts and suggestions about desk arrangement to help you find what works in your classroom.

The Creative Classroom – Desk Arrangment

  Tristan, Alex, Lucy, and Kayla really needs to sit near the front, if you want them to focus. You can’t put Ashley next to any of her friends – which is most of the girls in the class – because she will constantly talk to them. No one wants to sit next to Bradley. He is that kid no one likes, and he doesn’t

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For this post in our Creative Classroom series, we're talking about arguably the most important factor in your classroom: the door! How inviting is your door on the outside? What's on the inside of your door? We explore these questions and ideas in this blog post.

The Creative Classroom – Come on in!

You know how some classrooms grab your attention as soon as you walk in? You can tell immediately that this is a place where kids are excited about learning, where creativity is welcomed, and where ideas are shared. You probably already have that kind of a classroom,* but you are probably also always on the lookout for new ideas, hence the inspiration for this series.

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