St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather

Here are some fun "Would you Rather..." St. Patrick's Day questions to bring a little LUCK to your class!

“Would You Rather”, “This or That” – Whatever you call this game, your students will love it! 

You’ll love the:

  • Respectful Discussion & Debate
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communicating thoughts and ideas
  • Defending thoughts and opinions
  • Being open to new perspectives
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Adopting a personal point of view

Would You Rather Questions make terrific discussion starters or writing prompts. You can get a free version sent to your email by clicking here. 

20 Would You Rather Questions - St. Patrick's Day Edition

WOULD YOU RATHER Find a pot of gold
OR…Find a four-leaf clover that really did bring good luck

WOULD YOU RATHER Have to speak with an Irish accent for three days
OR… Have to sing everything you say to the tune of “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover” for three days

WOULD YOU RATHER Take a one week trip to Ireland each summer for the next four years
OR…Take a month long trip to Ireland this summer

WOULD YOU RATHER Write a story called, “The Day I Caught a Leprechaun”
OR… Invent and build a trap to catch a leprechaun

WOULD YOU RATHER Be a leprechaun
OR… Catch a leprechaun

WOULD YOU RATHER Have to wear a leprechaun costume everyday for a week after St. Patrick’s Day
OR… Every time you enter a room, have to do a little Irish jig in the door way and loudly say, “Top o’ the mornin’ to you!” for a week after St. Patrick’s Day

WOULD YOU RATHER Get Have to spend a week carrying a small but heavy pot of gold with you wherever you go
OR…Have to spend a week carrying a large but not very heavy bag of shamrocks

WOULD YOU RATHER For one day, be as small as a leprechaun
OR… For one day, be as quick as a leprechaun

WOULD YOU RATHER Have to always wear green clothes for the next year
OR… Get to wear whatever clothes you want for the next year, but always have to wear a big, green leprechauns’ hat

WOULD YOU RATHER Find a single pot of gold and keep it for yourself
OR… Find five pots of gold and share them with all of your classmates equally.

WOULD YOU RATHER Get to plan a St. Patrick’s Day party for your class
OR… Get to plan a fun St. Patrick’s Day art project for your class

WOULD YOU RATHER Only be able to see the world in shades or green
OR… Have everything you eat taste like boiled potatoes

WOULD YOU RATHER Not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and be pinched by everyone you encounter
OR…Dye your hair green for St. Patrick’s Day

WOULD YOU RATHER Have to find a four-leaf clover in a field where only one in every ten thousand clovers has four-leaves.
OR… Have to make 100 four-leaf clovers out of green construction paper to decorate your classroom

WOULD YOU RATHER Have green skin
OR… Have green teeth and green hair

WOULD YOU RATHER Be able to walk over a rainbow as if it were a bridge
OR… Be able to make rainbows anytime you wanted, wherever you wanted.

WOULD YOU RATHER Catch a leprechaun
OR…Have a pet unicorn

WOULD YOU RATHER Eat green eggs and ham
OR… Eat green string beans mixed with green jelly beans

WOULD YOU RATHER Wear only green clothes for the 3 months
OR… Eat only green food for the next week

WOULD YOU RATHER Have a leprechaun sitting on your shoulder making sarcastic and snide comments about you and your friends
OR… Have everything you touch turn green.

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