Task Cards vs. Worksheets

You have a go-to resource, but sometimes you're not sure which is better: task cards or worksheets. This chart will help you determine best times for use.I love task cards! I have made a ton of task cards, and I feel really good about having them in my TpT store because I know they are effective and can be used to get kids actively involved in their learning. But sometimes, I make worksheets (currently rebranded as “printables“), and then I don’t feel so good. Worksheets are often not the ideal way to learn. But as my friend Meg from The Teacher Studio has reminded me more than once, “There is a time and a place for worksheets.” That got me wondering. What is that time and place? When are worksheets more appropriate than a more engaging, hands-on activity? Which is why I made this chart. I am all for getting those kids up and moving and learning cooperatively, but sometimes a worksheet just makes more sense.

Please note that this is a loose guide – nothing is set in stone. If you want to do worksheets at a center, go ahead! If you have trained your students to work quietly with task cards, more power to you. However you run your classroom, I do believe that it is important to ask yourself, “Would this lesson be better reinforced with task cards, worksheets, or some other activity?” before reaching for your go-to resource.

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