Three Great Pinterest Boards for Teachers to Follow (or Join!)

Are you a teacher looking for Pinterest boards to follow? Check out these three collaborative Pinterest boards with hundreds of pins to inspire you!
Pinterest is such an amazing resource for teachers! I am constantly amazed at all of the incredible ideas I find there. Of course, I am an active pinner with about 75 boards for education (and more than 36,000 followers), but today I would like to share just three of these boards with you. These boards are especially useful because I have opened them up to other pinners. The collaborators who pin on these boards have agreed to certain rules (like pinning 4 useful posts or freebies for each for-purchase product and making sure to indicate when a product is not free), so the boards don’t look like giant billboards of paid products. This makes them great boards to follow.

If you would like to become a collaborating pinner on one or more of these boards, just fill out this form, and I will get you added. You don’t have to be a teacher to pin. Homeschoolers, parent bloggers, and professionals who work with children are also welcome, as long as your content is relevant to the topic of the board.

Classroom Management and Organization
This is my most popular board. Currently, there are over 130 contributors and more than 21,400 followers. You will find so many great tips and ideas for keeping your classroom and students organized, as well as for classroom decor and DIY.

Creative and Critical Thinking
This next board is all about one of my personal passions in education: creative and critical thinking. You will find so many ideas for how to get higher level thinking into your curriculum. This board has 53 collaborators and just over 11,000 followers.

Upper Elementary Tips and Activities
Finally, my newest collaborative board is full of pins targeting grades 3-5. This one has over 10,000 followers, but so far, only 8 collaborators. So, joining this one would be a great way to get your pins noticed.

You may also want to check out my Gold Star Pinner Post and see if you qualify to link up.

Gold Star Pinner

Remember, if you want to join one or more of these boards, you must fill out this form. Special thanks to Fern Smith, whose awesome (and super easy) tutorial on how to embed a Pinterest board both inspired and made this post possible.

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