Using the Kami Extension to Digitally Write on Your Worksheets

How to Use Kami Extension
How to Use the Kami Extension

Marking Up Your PDF files

Hi, it’s me Cassi, the newest member of the Minds in Bloom Team.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know how much I love using technology as a tool to differentiate instruction for my students.  Several years back, I created a resource that was used every single day in my classroom.  It was created out of sheer necessity. I needed something that would help my kids practice their basic math skills over and over so that at the end of the year when the achievement test rolled around, they weren’t struggling with forgotten skills.  Lotsa Math was born, and I spent FOREVER creating videos that students could watch any time they needed help with their math. The worksheets and the videos worked together to meet each student’s individual needs. 


Instructional videos for every skill??? 

And practice sheets for those skills???

Seems like a remote teaching dream, right?!!

Before I get to the lesson, I want to share this resource with anyone who might need it for their distance learning. It’s hard to describe how the practice sheets work alongside the tutorials, but this little video will give you a sneak peak.

You can grab 5 of the practice sheets and access to all the needed skills videos for free! Just click here. 

Teachers across the world are now scrambling to find instructional videos to help with online teaching, but when I created Lotsa Math, I was teaching students in a face-to-face environment.  They could grab their practice sheet as they entered the class and get busy. I didn’t design them to be for distance learning, and worksheets aren’t very useful when students can’t write on them. 

Long story short, a resource that could have been perfect for what we’re going through wasn’t because not all students have printers!

Lotsa Math might not be for you because it is a very specific product. But we all have invaluable resources packaged in long PDF files; resources that were designed to last the whole school year or to include lots of different options.  They were never meant to be given to the students in one giant chunk.  So how can we use those amazing resources we love while we teaching remotely?

Introducing the Kami Extension for typing on PDF files

It’s with an insane amount of excitement that I share this post with you.  I have found an entirely free and super easy way to use those PDF worksheets AS IS with your students.  You won’t have to add text boxes, ask them to print them at home, or do anything special. You’ll simply virtually pass them out, they’ll virtually complete them, and all will be good in your teacher world. (or at least better!)

So in comes Kami to save the day!

Kami is a Google Chrome extension that offers digital tools that students can use to annotate a PDF. In this video, I’m going to show you how you and your students can use the totally free version in order to complete worksheets and other resources you already have.

There are just a handful simple steps, and I’ll walk you through them one at a time.

1.Install the Kami extension to your Google Chrome

2.Share your digital worksheet in Google Classroom

3.Train your students how to use it

4.Check their work

How to Use Kami Extension

Kami for Teachers

You can watch the video to learn exactly how, but if you want a quick overview of how it all works, here it is.

Here are the steps for the teacher:

Step 1: Get the Kami Extension

Step 2: Get your PDF into Google Drive.  If your PDF is multiple pages, Kami has a quick tool to break them into single pages before putting them into Google Drive.

Step 3: Assign your PDF through Google Classroom.  Make sure you click “Make a copy for each student.”

Step 4: Wait for your students to complete their assignment.

Step 5: Check on your students’ work in Google Classroom just like you would any other assignment.

How to Use Kami Extension

Kami for Students

Here are the steps for your students:

Step 1: Get the Kami Extension

Step 2: Check your Google Classroom for your assignment

Step 3: Click on your assignment to see it in the preview Window.

Step 4: From your preview, click “Open with Kami”

Step 5: Use the tools to do your work

Step 6: Save your work

Step 7: Go back into Google Classroom and turn in your assignment

How to Use the Kami Extension

Pin for Later!

So, have I inspired you to pull out some of your favorite PDF resources?

I hope you see just how useful they can be for digital learning!

Be sure and leave any questions or comments you might have in the comment sections.

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