Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

  1. How many letters are in your full name?
  2. Who has the longest name in your family?
  3. Find something that is eight inches long.
  4. What exactly is Wassail?
  5. Find something that is red and white.
  6. Find something that is used to fix something.
  7. What is the first ingredient in eggnog?
  8. Find something with numbers on it.
  9. On what date does Hanukkah start next year?
  10. What was your mother’s favorite holiday memory?
  11. How many windows are in your home?
  12. How many light bulbs are in your home?
  13. How tall are you in inches?
  14. Whose picture is on a $5 bill?
  15. How many round ornaments are on your Christmas tree?
  16. What was the temperature outside today?
  17. What time will the sun rise on January 3?
  18. How many pages does the longest book at your house have?
  19. Who wrote, ‘Twas the night before Christmas?”
  20. Are there more plants, people, or animals in your house?
  21. How many hours are in your winter break?
  22. Underline all the words with three or more syllables on this paper.
  23. Circle all the prime numbers on this paper.
  24. Draw a snowman  on the back.
Are you a parent looking for something to occupy your kids while they're home for winter break? This scavenger hunt will have them searching and playing!

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