Would You Rather Questions for Spring and Easter

Here are some fun "Would you Rather..." Spring & Easter questions to bring a little SUNSHINE to your class!

“Would You Rather”, “This or That” – Whatever you call this game, your students will love it! 


You’ll love the:

Respectful Discussion & Debate

Critical thinking skills

Communicating thoughts and ideas

Defending thoughts and opinions

Being open to new perspectives

Flexibility in thinking

Adopting a personal point of view

20 Would You Rather Questions - Spring Edition

WOULD YOU RATHER Be followed wherever you go by 8 ducklings who think you are their mother
OR…Have butterflies constantly flying in a circle around your head

WOULD YOU RATHER Walk around for an entire day with 20 large spiders on your body
OR…Eat 5 large beetles

WOULD YOU RATHER Plan an Easter egg hunt for the little kids in your neighborhood
OR… Write an article about an Easter Egg hunt which would be published in the newspaper

WOULD YOU RATHER Have to waddle like a duck wherever you go
OR… Have to hop like a bunny wherever you go

WOULD YOU RATHER Spend a day planting vegetables in a garden
OR… Spend a day hiking in the woods

WOULD YOU RATHER Be a squirrel for a day
OR… Be a frog for a day

WOULD YOU RATHER Have a garage sale to make extra money
OR… Have a lemonade stand to make extra money

WOULD YOU RATHER Have the ability to decide when it will rain during  springtime
OR… Have the ability to make flowers grow wherever you point

WOULD YOU RATHER Have feathers like a bird all over your body
OR… Have bunny ears and a cotton bunny tail

WOULD YOU RATHER Be forced to spend all of your Saturdays and Sundays outside during springtime
OR… Be forced to spend all of your Saturdays and Sundays inside during springtime

WOULD YOU RATHER Live in a giant rabbit burrow
OR…Live in a giant bird nest

WOULD YOU RATHER Catch a frog and enter it in a frog-jumping contest
OR…Make a kite and enter it in a kite-flying contest

WOULD YOU RATHER Be the star player on a baseball team that loses all of its games
OR… Be the worst player on a baseball team that wins all of its games

WOULD YOU RATHER Get a huge Easter basket filled with candy that is not your favorite kind
OR… Get a small Easter basket filled with your very favorite kinds of candy

WOULD YOU RATHER Be covered from head to toe in ladybugs
OR… Have a swarm of bees constantly surrounding you (but not stinging you)

WOULD YOU RATHER Be a caterpillar
OR… Be a tadpole

WOULD YOU RATHER Have skin as green as a spring leaf
OR… Have skin as blue as a cloudless sky

WOULD YOU RATHER Spend a spring afternoon in a meadow watching clouds
OR… Spend a spring afternoon in a pond catching frogs

WOULD YOU RATHER Be allergic to grass
OR… Be allergic to chocolate

WOULD YOU RATHER Have a magic Easter basket that produces 10 chocolate eggs each morning
OR… Have a pet bunny that can talk

Kids love Would You Rather questions like these, and now you can get 20 of them, themed for spring and Easter for free! These make terrific discussion prompts or journal prompts. You can also use them for class polls or with Brain Breaks. Many teachers like to use them whenever they have a few spare moments.
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