3 Games to Play While Waiting for the Food

 You are at a restaurant waiting for the food to come, and your kids are…shall we say, a little squirrely. Here are some games to play to keep their hands and their minds busy!


Sometimes, it takes a long time for restaurants to get food to tables, and your kids get squirrelly during that time. Here are three games that you can play while you wait for your food to get to your table. Your kids won't even realize how much time passed!

Memory Quiz

  • Make a grouping of 7-8 objects from the table: sugar packets, silver wear, salt shaker, etc.
  • Give the other players 10 or so seconds to look at it.
  • Have them cover their eyes while you remove one object.
  • Now the players get to guess which object is missing.
  • The winner of the first round gets to be the one to choose the item to hide for the next round.

One or Two?

  • This is a game for two players.
  • Place seven sugar packets in a row.
  • Player 1 may take away one or two sugar packets.
  • Player 2 may also take away one or two packets.
  • Continue to take turns in this manner.
  • The one who is left with the last sugar packet loses.
  • The loser gets to go first in the next round.
  • Watch your kids figure out the best strategy for winning.

Extended Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Draw a large tic-tac-toe board on a napkin or on the back of a place mat.
  • Give each player three markers – these could be different colored sugar packets or different flavored jams.
  • Begin playing in the usual way. When a player runs out of markers, she must move one of her markers that is on the board to another space in the grid.
  • Play until someone wins.

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