20 Would You Rather Questions for Summer!

Help prevent the summer slide and keep kids thinking critically and creatively with these 20 would you rather questions! These questions have a summer theme, so you can use them during the summer months to get kids engaged in discussion or writing! Click through to get all 20 questions - for free!

Here are 20 fun Would You Rather Questions to use for the end of the school year. Use them for class discussions, class polls, and writing prompts. Great when you have a few spare minutes!

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Would You Rather…
1 Have to wear your swimsuit to school on the last day of school
Have to carry around a large beach umbrella (opened) all day on the last day of school
2 Be able to issue an official report card grading your teacher on how she did teaching your class this year
Write your own report card
3 Get to go on a one-week vacation anywhere in the world that you want
Get to go on a month-long vacation but have to stay within 200 miles of your hometown
4 Spend the summer traveling and camping with your family
Spend the summer at a really awesome summer camp with lots of fun activities
5 Go to the beach but forget your towel
Go to the beach but forget your sunscreen
6 Get stung by three bees
Get a really bad sunburn
7 Get to go to Disneyland for a week but have it rain every day you were there
Stay home but have it be beautiful and sunny all week
8 Have a lemonade stand every day for a month to make extra money
Do yard work for a week to make extra money
9 Get to have as much ice cream as you want this summer but only vanilla
Only get to have ice cream three times this summer, but you can have whatever flavors you want
10 Have to go on a long hike in the woods without any shoes or socks
Have to spend a day at the beach wearing your winter coat
11 Eat only hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon, and ice cream all summer long
Eat anything you want all summer except hot hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon, and ice cream
12 Have a job working as a lifeguard
Have a job working as a carnival ride operator
13 Get a brand new bicycle
Get a new set of clothes every day all summer long
14 Be in an Independence Day parade
Host an Independence Day party
15 Have the best summer EVER but then not be able to remember any of it
Have an ordinary summer and be able to remember everything you did
16 Spend most of your summer at an outdoor community swimming pool
Spend most of your summer at the beach
17 Have your whole body turn bright blue whenever you get wet
Have your hair turn neon green whenever you are in sunlight
18 Have an exchange student from another country stay with your family for the summer
Travel to another country as an exchange student and stay with a family there
19 Have to repeat the grade you just completed
Be required to skip a grade
20 Get to choose which teacher you will have next year
Get to choose each of your classmates next year
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