Awesome Movement Activity for Task Cards, Review, Brain Breaks and More!

I recently came across this awesome freebie from Literary Sherri. It will get your kids up and moving and can be used in so many different ways!

Free Concentric Circles Activity: Review Game, Brain Break, Pre-Assessment, Post-Assessment, or Meaningful Time-Filler

Basically, you have your students form two circles, one inside the other with an equal number of kids in each one. The students on the inside face outward so that each one has a partner on the outside circle. Then the pairs ask and answer questions before one of the circles moves in a particular way (which Sherri details in her freebie). It isn’t just moving one space to the left or the right and that is part of the fun. Sherri also lists a whole bunch of ways to use this idea and provides some tips, as well.

It occurred to me that if you were going to do this with task cards, you could give one to each student. After reading their cards to their partners (and answering), students could switch cards before moving on – kind of a twist on Quiz, Quiz, Trade. Then, when they got new partners, the learning would be reinforced when they read their new cards. If I were working with younger kids, I might also give it a more kid-friendly name…maybe Circle Up!

So, be sure and download the freebie, and if you would like to share how this game works for you and if you like it, be sure to leave some feedback on the product page.

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