Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Quiz, Quiz, Trade is a fun kinesthetic game created by Kagan Cooperative Learning. Read more about how to use Rachel Lynette's task cards with Quiz, Quiz, Trade in this post.

Looking for a new and fun way to use task cards with your  students? Try the Kagan cooperative learning game Quiz, Quiz, Trade. One reason this game is popular with both  kids and teachers is that it gets your students up and moving. Not only that but you can also use it to review pretty much any subject. Here is how to play:

  • Select a set of task cards for the activity. Task cards with multiple choice or concrete short answers will work best. Write the answer for each card in small print on the back (possibly in a lower corner). You can use dry-erase pens if you do not want to keep the answers there.
  • Give each student a task card.
  • Partner students.
  • Partner 1 asks Partner 2 the question on her card. Partner 2 answers (or admits he doesn’t know). Partner 1 acknowledges a correct answer or gives the answer, if needed.
  • The process reverses with Partner 2 asking the questions.
  • After both questions have been asked, the partners switch cards, find new partners, and the process begins again.

If you have never played this game, you will want to model it with two volunteers first, and then make sure that students know the rules. Depending on your students, you  may want to establish the following  rules:

  • No running
  • No refusing to partner with someone
  • Treat partners with courtesy

When you feel like you have played long enough (five to 10 minutes is usually about right), collect the cards and go over them together. Another variation of this game is to give each student an index card and have them each write a question before you begin the game.

You can learn more about the Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures on their website.  If you happen to be looking for task cards, you can find a whole bunch of them here.

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9 thoughts on “Quiz, Quiz, Trade”

  1. I love using Quiz Quiz Trade! It really can be used for any subject and I love how it incorporates movement. The trading part is key as it encourages students to have exposure to many different questions as opposed to keeping one card throughout the game. So glad you shared!

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  3. Can you suggest some way to adapt Quiz-Quiz-Trade to an online format given the widespread nature of remote learning during Covid? I had all these great task-card projects planned for my last quarter (review for AP Exams), and I’m struggling with how to adapt them to a Zoom call format without just converting them to plain worksheets.


    1. Have you played Kahoot before? I was just thinking that it might be fun to play a game like that while everyone meets together online through Zoom. They could maybe just open another tab or play on their cell phones while everyone is gathered virtually. You could also assign students to work in pairs remotely. There is a chat feature (comment) in Google slides that they could use to have an online conversation. 🙂

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