Ultimate Back to School Resource Guide for a Successful Year

Upper Elementary Back to School Resources Just for You!

Welcome to our comprehensive back to school resource guide, specially designed to help you prepare for a new year. Our selected resources focus on bolstering critical areas such as math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills! From interactive math games and engaging ELA activities, to innovative teaching strategies and essential learning tools, we’ve got you covered!

But, that’s not all!!

We understand the thrill and, sometimes, the challenges, that the start of a new school year brings. So, we’ve included a range of creative back to school activities aimed at making your transition as smooth as possible. These fun and educative activities are designed to bring students together, get kids engaged, and start routines that will last much farther than back to school.

Plus, we believe that every teacher deserves a treat. As a token of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication, we’ve included a freebie just for you! This free resource is a wonderful eBook that has over 300 teaching tips with tons of resources and blog posts for you to explore! Click here to get access to this amazing freebie!

So, whether you are a seasoned educator looking to revitalize your teaching approach or a newly qualified teacher seeking guidance, this post promises a treasure trove of information. Dive into these back to school resources and set yourself up for a successful and rewarding school year. Let’s empower our students with the tools and support they need to learn, grow, and succeed!

English Language Arts (ELA) Resources for Back to School

When it comes to equipping students with the fundamental skills needed for a lifetime of learning, there’s no denying the pivotal role English Language Arts (ELA) plays back to school and beyond! Whether it’s refining reading comprehension, enhancing vocabulary, promoting critical thinking, improving writing skills, or instilling a love for literature, ELA is the foundation of a well-rounded education. In recognition of this, we’ve handpicked an array of our ELA resources that are specifically crafted to boost learning outcomes, stimulate curiosity and engagement, and foster a deep-seated appreciation for the English language.

Close Reading Comprehension Passages: These close reading comprehension passages are the perfect no-prep, standards-based, and high-interest way to strengthen your students’ close reading skills! This resource includes 100 passages professionally written by a published children’s author with more than 100 books in print! Plus, it includes audio support for every passage!

I Heart Literacy Daily ELA Review: Take your English language arts spiral review to the next level with I Heart Literacy! This set includes 100 high-interest, curriculum-based, no-prep worksheets!

Spelling Worksheets for Any List: Spelling Practice Activities for your own word list! Here is everything you need for a differentiated spelling program (except the words!). These are worksheets with 40 different fun and engaging activities for spelling lists of 16 or 20 words.

Don’t want worksheets? Check these activities out in task cards or printable labels!

Money-Saving Bundles!

107 ELA & Reading Task Card Sets Massive Bundle: This huge bundle of task cards includes reading skills and strategies, figurative language, vocabulary, sentence building and punctuation, parts of speech, affixes, and roots, writing prompts to help writing skills, and plenty of overall ELA test prep and review. Plus, most of the sets come with a digital version as well! Click here to check out 31 ways to use task cards!

Passage of the Day Bundle: Passage of the Day (POD) is a quick and effective way to review close reading and comprehension skills! Each of the 120 PODs consists of a short, engaging passage with two text-dependent questions to reinforce reading skills and a bonus writing activity.

Math Resources for Back to School

Math is not merely a subject; it’s a universal language and a critical life skill. However, it can often be super challenging for both teachers and students. Our selection of math resources are designed to transform the learning experience, turning complex concepts into engaging lessons and play. These resources incorporate a blend of traditional and innovative teaching strategies to ensure that math becomes an enjoyable, interactive, and comprehensive learning experience for your students. Check out the bundles to save money, and use not just during back to school, but all year long!

50 Math Quick Checks: These math quick checks are 50 quizzes in printable and digital versions! Each product is grade specific, with 50 quizzes for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade!

Math Daily Spiral Review Worksheets: These 100 super fun practice pages cover the foundational standards of 4th grade. They are spiraled over and over to ensure students MASTER the math that will be essential for them to know as they move into future grades. Although this product was created to align with a 4th-grade curriculum, it would work well for a third-grade challenge or a fifth-grade review!

Money-Saving Bundles!

10 Question Assessment Bundle: This bundle offers great ways for your students to practice solving problems. They deal with the multiplication and division of whole numbers and the addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.

4th Grade Year-Long Math Kits: This incredible bundle includes all the math resources for a 4th-grade classroom you could ask for! There are 40 kits included, each with pre-assessment, interactive notebook pages, a digital practice activity, practice worksheets, a math station/center game, small group materials, task cards, exit tickets, multiple-choice quiz, student reflection sheets, data trackers, “I Can” statement poster, and answer keys!

Back to School Activities

The start of a new school year is a pivotal time filled with anticipation, excitement, and a bit of nervousness. It’s a fresh slate, a time for new beginnings, and a chance for both teachers and students to set new goals! During back to school, students make new friends, and strengthen classroom community! We have pulled together some incredible resources to help you through this fun, but sometimes stressful, time!

Back to School Surveys & Graphing Activity: Get to know your students and allow them to learn about each other with this fun graphing activity. This activity combines math skills, social interaction, and creativity to build class camaraderie. Plus, you will love seeing your students create a cute bulletin board display!

Morning Meeting Slides: Perfect for back to school, this resource will make your morning meeting prep ✨ disappear ✨. With 12 months of no-prep classroom slides with a unique discussion question, you’re set for all 366 days!

Money-Saving Bundle!

Back to School Task Card Bundle: This bundle of 6 Task Card Sets (224 cards) is perfect to help your students learn your classroom rules and procedures, learn about each other, and to help them master two important skills they will need throughout the year: following directions and rephrasing the question.

You Got This!

We hope these resources bring a new wave of enthusiasm and efficiency to your teaching journey. Remember, the new academic year is a fresh start for every teacher and student. Equip yourself with these resources, embrace the adventure that lies ahead, and here’s to a fantastic school year ahead! Let’s empower our students with the tools they need to learn, grow, develop, and succeed!

Remember to grab your copy of our 300+ Teaching Tips eBook here! You’re gonna love it!

Good luck during this back to school season. We believe in you!

We want to hear from you! What are your favorite Minds in Bloom resources to use throughout the school year? Comment below to let us know! 💖

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