FREE: 8 Reading Response Posters!

Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters You Need!

Use these bright and colorful, free reading response posters for centers or classroom decor.

Match them perfectly with our reading strategies bundle with multiple resources that will build the foundation of your students’ reading comprehension!

Posters Included:

  • Predicting
  • Inference
  • Questioning
  • Connecting
  • Visualizing
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Summarizing
Predicting Reading Comprehension Poster Resource


Making predictions in a story helps students combine their knowledge of a text, and then use that knowledge and critically think about what could happen next!


Using the reading skill of inference helps students gather their knowledge inside and outside of the text to discover more about the story than what it directly states.

Inference Reading Comprehension Posters
Questioning Reading Comprehension Poster


The skill of asking questions is vitally important to the understanding of a text. Students begin to fuel curiosities first in books, then in everyday life!


When students make connections to a text, they begin to understand and appreciate said text in an entirely new way! Reading can become more enjoyable for everyone!

Connecting Reading Comprehension Poster
Visualizing Reading Comprehension Poster


Visualizing helps students gain the skill of creating mental images in their minds for anything in a text! Students will begin to picture their favorite characters, settings, and more while reading.

Author's Purpose

Determining what the author’s purpose is in writing a text, helps the reader to fully understand what is going on in the piece of literature!

Author's Purpose Reading Comprehension Poster
Compare and Contrast Reading Comprehension Poster

Compare & Contrast

Mastering the skill of comparing and contrasting two things in a text helps students to understand and remember details that show similarities and differences between people, objects, ideas, and so much more!


Using summarizing skills, students can begin to pick out the most important details in a story, and begin to be able to read and comprehend more information at a time!

Summarizing Reading Comprehension Poster
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