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60 Brain Breaks Printable Cards and Google Slides Bonus Digital Version Included

This resource includes 60 Brain Breaks in print and digital formats for grades 2-5. It helps students stay engaged, active, and focused, with quick, energizing activities that promote learning retention and social skills. Also part of a money-saving bundle.


60 Cards + (48 for social distancing) + Google Slides
PDF, Google Apps™

This resource is sold in a money-saving bundle!


These 60 print or digital Brain Breaks are quick, easy, and SUPER FUN! The download includes Task Cards and Google Slides versions so that you’ll be able to use them in whatever way makes sense for your students.



  • 60 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)
    • Black-line
    • Color
  • 48 Distance Learning Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)
    • Black-line
    • Color


  • Google Slides
  • Randomizer Video

Great for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade!


This resource is part of a money-saving bundle!

This bundle includes these resources:

  • Reward Coupons for Big Kids
  • Reward Tags Students Can Color
  • Growth Mindset Coloring Posters

NOTE: This resource uses American English and is not editable.

With two design options (a simple design for older students and a fun animal design for younger students) this resource is perfect for 2nd through 5th graders! In addition to the regular set, there are 48 Brain Breaks to accommodate socially distanced classrooms and remote learning situations.

What’s a Brain Break?

  • It’s just a short energizing activity. Most take about 1-3 minutes.

Why Use Brain Breaks?

  • Brain Breaks help send oxygen to the brain, which helps kids better retain what they learn.
  • Movement “turns on the brain.” If your students are starting to fidget, that’s the telltale sign that their brains are starting to go into sleep mode. Turn their brains back on with a Brain Break!
  • Brain Breaks are the perfect transition activity!
  • They foster social skills and teamwork!
  • Brain Breaks are a reward that students love!
  • A Brain Break can reenergize a tired or bored group.
  • They help get students’ wiggles out.
  • They’re a great way to encourage physical activity in the classroom.
  • KIDS LOVE THEM! – Use the *Easel Activity (only available if you purchase on TPT) to have students rate their favorite Brain Breaks! They will simply give each option up to 5 stars.

What’s Included

  • 60 Brain Breaks Task Cards (With or Without Clipart and Color or Black/White)
  • 48 Socially Distanced Task Cards (With or Without Clipart and Color or Black/White)
  • Each version includes Google Slides so that you can project the Brain Break.
  • Video Randomizer so that you can randomly choose a Brain Break. See a preview here.

These 60 brain breaks have been carefully selected and created to meet the following criteria:

  • They all require students to get up out of their seats and move!
  • Every student is involved…none are just watching.
  • They can be completed in less than five minutes – many take less than a minute.
  • They require very little if any prep – most require no prep at all.
  • No special materials are needed – a few require pencils, music, or other easily attainable objects.
  • They do NOT require the use of a video or video game.
  • They are fun!

Here’s what teachers are saying:

✏️ “I cannot believe how quick these brain breaks go! My kids adore them! They beg me to do another every time (I only allow one though because it isn’t recess!) They are usually able to focus better after one of these quick breaks also. They love the brain break where they hide a classmate’s shoe…hysterical!” -ILiveToTeach.

✏️ My fifth graders LOVE these! I don’t even want to tell them that they are not my idea! They think I am a genius! 60 seconds of this and they are back on track!” -Mindi St. Peter.

✏️ “My kids love these. I printed them on cardstock and had them laminated. We take turns picking a card from the bag – reading the instructions and leading the activity. Great cards. -Sandra M.


  • Blankity-Blanks (Similar to Mad-Libs)
  • Fun with Commas Worksheets


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About the Author

Rachel Lynette is a published author of over 120 nonfiction books for children on a variety of subjects, as well as several teacher resource books. She has written for publishers such as Harcourt, Thompson-Gale, Rosen, Children’s Press, Evan-Moor, Kagan, and several others. This resource reflects more than a decade of professional writing experience.

Terms of Use

This resource was created by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack for Minds in Bloom INC., all rights reserved. It may be used by the original purchaser for single class use only. Teachers may distribute this product in email, through google classroom or over the Internet to their students (and parents) as long as the site is password protected. In other words, you may distribute it to your own students, but may not put it on the Internet where it could be publicly found and downloaded.

If you want to share this resource with colleagues, please purchase additional licenses from TpT. Thank you for respecting these terms of use.

This product is happily brought to you by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom

SKU: 956957

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48 reviews for 60 Brain Breaks Printable Cards and Google Slides Bonus Digital Version Included

  1. Amy K.

    Great variety of activities. I love that there is the option to print cards, but that there is also the Google Slide version with the auto generator feature. I deleted a few slides that I thought might not be a good fit for my class so it’s great that the auto selector is still an option with only the slides I want left as options.

  2. Kristine S.

    Definitely great brain breaks! sometimes I plan to use them but sometimes I pulled them out when I could tell it was one of those days where the kids just needed a break. awesome product

  3. Megan M.

    These brain breaks were essential in my room this year. My students would beg for me to open the slideshow. I had a job as brain break leader and someone always wanted to be it. I will definitely use these in years to come.

  4. Rhiannon T.

    These were great for my learning pod kids when they got tired of sitting at their computers all day with distance learning.

  5. Christie B.

    My students loved the brain breaks and I will continue to use these.

  6. Claudine C.

    Middle School students need brain breaks TOO. My students loved the different activities. Some of their favorites were Slow Motion Freeze Tag, Strike a Pose, and Trading Places.

  7. Laura Glander

    These were so much fun! Thank you for the great resource. We were laughing and having such a great time during COVID. This helped transition to a more normal feel in the classroom!

  8. Mrs Walters Wonderful Classroom of Ideas

    When my students had to stay in their classroom and the teachers moved, they missed a lot of the movement that they got from changing classes. These activities helped me allow for some fun, but quick and contained movement in the classroom. The kids always looked forward to our brain breaks!

  9. Mrs Roemer’s Math

    My students loved this activity! I have numerous classes that constantly ask me to do a brain break when we have down time. Highly recommend!

  10. Caroline C.

    I chose some that would interest my students and used it for our brain breaks. the thoroughly enjoy it.

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